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Ceylon Curry Club

Delivery only

The rice & curry arm of Citrus, with some phenomenal flavours.

The rice & curry arm of the Citrus, the Ceylon Curry Club crafts up some phenomenal flavours. They've been popping up on my Instagram feed with mouthwatering pictures of rice & curry for quite some time now, but I had to keep my cravings at bay as I'm not based within its PickMe Food delivery range.

However, they do direct deliveries now, and it's free of a delivery fee for 15kms from The Steuart by Citrus in Colombo 01. They also deliver beyond that, for a small delivery fee. 

I instantly placed my order via WhatsApp - 0773393391 and got the confirmation within just a few minutes. 

Rice & Curry

I got two rice & curry packs - Chicken (Rs. 560) and Pork (Rs. 575). Each came in a cardboard box covered with a banana leaf. 

Lured by a promising smell, the Chicken rice was super tasty. It was an assortment of yellow rice, puhul chutney, fried mora miris, fiery red chicken and some sliced up veggies.

We loved everything about it. The yellow rice was done well with plenty of peanuts, curry leaves and aromatics. I'd have eaten on its own, really. It's that good. 

The diced chicken seems to have been marinated with a bunch of spices and pan-fried for a bit, to create that beautiful red hue, the slightly firm texture, and the sharp spicy note. It was a very generous serving too. They had tossed in a few chunks of brinjal to it, for the extra flavour and texture. 

The puhul chutney had subtle kochchi kicks, emerging through the sweetness. 

Ceylon Curry Club does an excellent black pork curry. In fact, it's one of the best we've had. Cooked with some delicious, fragrant kalupol, it was a quality cut of pork that featured only a couple of oily bits, while the rest was all meat. Plus, they offer a lot of that.

A hefty portion of garlic rice comes with it, as well as some sliced up veggies, sweet and tangy pineapple chutney and fried mora miris, contributing towards a well-balanced, stellar flavour profile. 


Ceylon Curry Club is expensive than your usual rice & curry kadey, but, their flavours are absolutely heavenly. They have many other varieties, including prawns, mutton and cuttlefish. Try them out!

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