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Ceylon Pizza

351 A/1, Galle Road, Ambalangoda

Ceylon Pizza is a little eatery in Ambalangoda, serving up some wood-fired, thin crust pizza for a very reasonable price.

Ceylon Pizza is a little eatery that's located in Ambalangoda, right at the edge of busy Galle Road. Their specialty is thin crust pizza, and they make it from a wood-fired, clay oven. 


The whole menu had only 6 pizzas, and all of them are priced less than Rs. 1600, which makes it a good option as it doesn't drill a hole in your wallet. 

Since we had the option, we opted for two half-n-half pizzas - the first one had Chicken (Rs. 1200) and Seafood (Rs. 1600). Majority of the ingredients they use are sourced locally, which explains why they've kept it simple, and affordable. 

Crispy and succulent, with a few charred bits to boot, the crust here was excellent. On top of that, there was a slathering of marinara sauce, followed by a generous layer of mozzarella and then, the toppings. 

If we had to pick a favorite, we'd go with the seafood pizza.  It was plentiful with bits of prawns, cuttlefish, and cubes of fish, evenly distributed on the pizza, so every single bite we took was filled with seafood goodness. There wasn't a shortage of onions and bell pepper on this. While adding some color to the whole dish, it made every bite so rich. 

Replacing all the seafood elements with chicken, the chicken pizza was quite alright. It could've certainly improved though - with a BBQ or a spicy twist, or with more chicken, perhaps?

Now, this is an interesting one - half Margherita (Rs. 1000) and half Katta Sambol (Rs. 1100) - the latter was our highlight of the meal.

After Michaelangelo's pol sambol pizza, this is the most Sri Lankan pizza we've encountered. Katta Sambol is a like a constant in our food culture, that works with a bunch of our favorites - from kiribath, pol roti to hoppers and boiled manioc. This time around, the Ceylon Pizza has been able to pair it with pizza, and they've nailed it. With enough heat that comes from dried chilis, and bits of Maldive fish scattered about, it was absolutely delicious. 

The Margherita wasn't bad either. But we wished its saucy kick was a tad stronger. 

Service & Ambience

They've got an open kitchen, so you can watch how everything is being made. It's a tiny spot, with outdoor seating space and despite the noise from the Galle Road, we actually liked its ambience.    The staff was inviting, and pretty quick on their feet. There's only two of them, and they managed to deliver both of our pizzas within around 15 minutes. 


We are impressed! This is the only place around this area where you can get some good thin-crust pizza for a very reasonable price. If you ever drop by, go for the katta sambol pizza. You won't regret it. 

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Try the Katta Sambol pizza.


351 A/1, Galle Road, Ambalangoda



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