Ceylon Sliders (Cafe)

No 9 New Galle Rd, Rest House Junction, Weligama, Weligama 81700

A cafe and hangout spot in Weligama

Ceylon Sliders calls itself a 'boutique hotel for nomads' and is basically a high end hostel which caters to backpackers with slightly more spending power than the norm. They also have a great cafe and restaurant space which we tried out and will be reviewing.


The menu at Sliders has items like 'Dharma' and 'Endless Summer' which should generally give you an idea of the vibe of the place. They seemingly pride themselves on having an easy menu that just fits on one page, so on the morning we were there only two items were on it. One was a granola bowl which looked nice, but having just had breakfast, we were in no mood for granola, so we went for the only other item on the menu, the Avocado Toast (Rs. 850), which still means we tried out 50% of their food. 

If you've had the Avocado Toast at a place like OneUp All Day Breakfast, let me tell you that Sliders' doesn't quite match up. The bread was a little on the tough side, and there was a bit too much lime which overpowered the other flavours. Also, for just avocado and bread Rs. 850 is a bit much. You can add two poached eggs or feta cheese for Rs 250 each, which will translate to Rs. 1350 for a full-on meal with proteins and whatnot. 

The cafe is only open from 730 a.m. to 2 p.m. so really 'breakfast' is the only meal they serve.  


(How the flatlay game ah?)

For dessert we picked the Carrot Cake (Rs. 600), which was very fresh. The cheese, lemon and sugar on the cream topping was well balanced.


The Dharma (Rs. 400) is a green juice with a strong gotukola flavor. Feels like you’re swallowing a healthy lifestyle. It has a nice citrusy edge to it that’s not too invasive, complemented by touches of coconut water, correander and pineapple. A good way to start a warm day.

The Endless Summer (Rs. 400) is a juice that also has a coconut water base, with papaya and pineapple added on. I don’t know about gloryfying endless spells of hot weather, but this does uplift the humidity oppressed soul. The ginger is emphasized but doesn’t become like that loud guy who grandstands in group conversations, sliding in very nicely between everything else.

However, if juices aren't your really your thing, their coffee is good. Solid and strong.


Sliders is located by the side of the Matara Rd as you pass through Weligama, pretty much smack in the middle of the bay, although a little bit distant from the regular surfing spots.

It was a very very hot day, but it was still cool in here. Lots of greenery which is great. There is great internet for digital nomading, and places to plug in your power cords if you bag them early. I wont talk about their interior much because it's plastered all over their pastel shaded instagram, go see for yourself. There is also a shop as you enter, with rather pricey goods raging from cothing to jewellery to surf accessories.


The local staff are quite friendly and obliging. Like all good locals should be. No complaints here. 


Conviniently located, with decent food and great drinks and cakes. Sliders wins on an ambience extremely conducive for a bit of relaxing/reading/working between spells of wiping out ridiculously whilst learning to surf. 


No 9 New Galle Rd, Rest House Junction, Weligama, Weligama 81700


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