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Chaiwala Colombo

Marine Drive, Bambalapitiya

  • Open until 12:00 PM

A food truck down Marine Drive, Chaiwala makes the best chai in Colombo.

Chaiwala Colombo took Colombars by storm! Ever since they parked their food truck (more of a food tuk) down Marine Drive (opposite Ceypetco fuel station), people have been lining up in front of it, simply to grab a cup of their excellent chai. 

Tea & Snacks

Chaiwala's menu is pretty simple - just a few varieties of chai, and a couple of snacks, all priced at Rs. 100 or less. 

*Pictured above: Tandoori Tea (left), Sukku Coffee (middle), Cardamom Tea (right)

We ordered three drinks - Tandoori Chai (Rs. 100), Cardamom Chai (Rs. 80) and Sukku Coffee (Rs. 70).

  • Brewed with bay leaves and other spices, the Tandoori Chai was distinctly spicy and absolutely aromatic. It's a wonderful twist on the good old masala chai. There was a lovely earthy touch to it, a subtle smokiness too, along with a hint of sweetness, as the kahata kick blends in well with the creamy milk. They usually serve this in a clay cup, but currently running short of that as people tend not to return the cups. Not cool, guys!
  • If you prefer a sweeter chai, your best bet is this Cardamom Chai. The warm spice note combined with sweet and fragrant cardamom creates one soothing concoction to sip on. 
  • The Sukku Coffee was the perfect medley of black coffee and ginger. It's quite strong, so you might want to stay away if you're not a coffee person. 


They do some flavourful snacks. The Spicy Cupcake (Rs. 80) was more or less like a chicken muffin. There was a spicy-packed filling, with lots and lots of minced chicken, while the muffin itself was soft and moist.

The Cake Rusk (Rs. 60) was crispy, sweet and delicious. Ideal to dip into your cuppa. 


The Chaiwala Colombo staff includes some of the friendliest guys we've ever met. Despite the crowd flocking towards them, their service is pretty fast. We noticed that they don't make the tea here; they only serve them, so you won't have to wait long for your chai.  


Amazing chai with gorgeous sunset views - that's what Chaiwala Colombo delivers, and we can't seem to get enough of both. Swing by if you love chai; it's an experience worth travelling for.


Marine Drive, Bambalapitiya


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Open until 12:00 PM



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