79, Horton Place, Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo 7

Chatz is a convenient cafe/ resto in Horton Place which you can drop by to grab a meal while having a good chat with a friend.

Chatz has been around a while, and it's been some time since we paid them a visit too. They are a convenient cafe/ resto in Horton Place which you can drop by to grab a meal while having a good chat with a friend.


Their menu leans on Asian fusion but it's not limited to that. You can get soups, burgers, pizzas and fajitas paired with all kinds of meats - beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. 

We got the Egg Drop Soup (Rs. 450) to start with. Served warm, it also had a small cube of butter with a few toasted bread pieces on the side. The soup was filled with bits of chicken and egg whites swimming in it. Leeks and spring onions provided a good crunch, while improving the flavour of the broth, which landed on the tad salty side. However, we appreciated the pepper undertone - seemed to give a nice zing to it. 

The Nasi Goreng (Rs. 950) took us by surprise with its rather beautiful presentation.

The rice had a nice wok-fried aroma to it but came across as a bit oily. Despite its good looks, the heat from chilli in the rice hit us squarely in the face. While we do appreciate the heat, too much bell pepper and leeks mixed in was a bit annoying. We spotted a lot of chicken in the rice, which we loved. 

The pineapple slice and the prawn crackers on the plate vanished as soon as it landed on our table. We do appreciate the jumbo prawn, it was chewy, with a touch from the grill. However, we would have appreciated more if we got two of these.

However, given the price and the portion size, it is essential to see that they could have done much better. 

We didn’t expect the Pork Bacon and Egg Panini to end up as the star of our meal, but it did. The panini itself was essentially a couple of toasted bread slices, but the filling is what made everything so interesting. Plentiful with bacon bits, there was a bit of sweetness seeping through - probably because of a sauce/s they had used in the filling. It was well balanced with the fried egg, making for an excellent panini. 


We wanted to score a mocktail, but sadly they were out of them. So we got ourselves a Watermelon Juice (Rs. 390) and a Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 590). 

At a glance, this Watermelon Juice seemed so rich in flavour, but we felt bamboozled. While we got it without sugar, the juice can serve better as a palate cleanser rather than a proper juice. It was completely devoid of the watermelon texture and felt watered down.

The Chocolate Milkshake, however, was a winner. Refreshing and very chocolaty, its sugar levels were in balance. There was a scoop of chocolate ice cream sitting on top of the drink which made the whole thing even more chocolatey.

Ambience and Service

The ambience hasn't changed much over the course of years and we take that as a good thing since they have a good thing going on. There is the AC area for dining in and the outside area for smoking and such.

You don't get much of disturbances in the cafe and you can enjoy your meals while seated. The seats were a bit bulky and can be a bit hard to move around a lot but we didn’t mind.

We simply got excellent service from the moment we walked in. Prompt, attentive and polite with smiles is how we would describe it.  

They were missing a few items in the menu and waiter profusely apologized each time we tried to choose one of those to the point we felt bad. All in good spirits.

As we were told they do BYOB and don't charge a corkage fee. You can get your drink on after 5 pm. Also, we heard that they prefer groups of five people or more if you're planning to BYOB, and you're supposed to spend Rs. 5000 or above while you are there. 


Chatz offers a reliable experience at an okay price but, their food can be a hit or miss. They can serve as a good place to kick back and enjoy your time with a friend or as a group. We feel like there is room for improvement but we can give this place an accepting nod.   


Try the bread pudding, you can bring your own booze.


79, Horton Place, Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo 7


If you pass coffee bean (on your right) and come down horton place, Chatz is on your left hand side.



Open 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Sweets Salad Burgers Pizza

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