Chili's Food

No. 170/A, Old Kesbewa Road, Delkanda

Chili's Food is a rice & curry spot available on PickMe Food delivery.

Rice and Curry places are dime a dozen if you live close to the High Level Road. Throw a stone in any direction and there you will find a buth kadey. But we are not looking for any ole buth kadeys. We are looking for a good buth packet, that is worth for money, tasty and filling. PickMe Food Delivery has a decent array of buth kadeys available at your fingertips and Chili's Food is one of them. This one is located in Delkanda.

The Buth Packet

The Chicken buth packet at Chili's Food consisted of a good-sized chicken and gravy. If you are a gravy person, this buth packet is adequately gravied so that you don't need to moisten your mouthful of rice with sips of water to make sure it goes down without causing hiccups.

There was a portion of well-boiled potato curry which we initially mistook for breadfruit, a gotukola mallung with a mixture of finely chopped carrots, a fair amount of parippu and also tempered banana flower with fried sprats. A lovely combination for a heap of white rice, wouldn't you say?

The pappadam was also crispy at arrival and not soggy or rubbery which is what happens to most pappadams that sit too long next to a hot lunch packet on the way from the shop to your home. My lunch packet was only Rs. 200.


Apart from your typical lunch packets, Chili's Menu is extensive and has a range of food to order from. From rice and curry to special rice, to soups to fried rice dishes, to mixed grills, to Chinese dishes to kottu and many other items. We quite enjoyed our chicken rice & curry, and we're sure that you'd too. 


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