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Chilled Treats

207 Negombo Rd, Wattala

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This is one ice cream place in Wattala that we are not letting go of.

After the recent rains, Colombo and its vicinity are back to its normal, scorching hot self, and what better way to beat the heat than with some good old ice cream. Here's our inside scoop on Chilled Treats at Wattala.

The Ice Cream

They serve a range of delicious ice creams with their own twist. Rolled ice cream, the orthodox flavours and brownie infused ice-cream, they've got it all.

The Brownie Bitters (Rs. 540) was perhaps one of the richest of the desserts we've tasted. The thick, creamy brownies adorning the surface, and a creamy, ice-cream infused layer below it, the Brownie Bitters is perhaps one of the best desserts on the menu, too. The thick, creamy texture of the brownie makes it one filling dessert - so if you're planning to try something else on the menu, don't go with this first.

Claiming the Chocolate Peanuts (Rs. 430) had an ample amount of nuts would be an understatement. The ice cream infused with nuts gave that perfect nutty flavour and texture that you would expect. It also came with a wafer and sprinkles that not only added to the aesthetic but to the taste.

The Four Mix Sundae (Rs. 300) was just the usual scoops of four flavours of store-bought ice-cream brought together in harmony,  but combined with the whipped cream and the topping that they'd provided, it made quite a wholesome dessert.

The Mars Treats (Rs. 540) sort of tasted more like Snickers, but our doubts were put to rest when there was a ton of chunks of Mars bars properly infused in the ice cream. 

The Oreo Crunch (Rs. 470) too didn't properly present the taste of the Oreo, or that oreo flavour. Nevertheless, if it was just some great ice cream you were looking for instead of the flavour specifically, the Oreo Crunch is quite satisfactory. 

The Service and Ambience

The restaurant itself is slightly small but they've capitalised on the available space quite well, and maintain a very chilled out, clean atmosphere. 

The staff too are quite friendly and accommodating and do not show the slightest signs of disgruntlement at the time you take to order, considering the fact that they've got quite a range of unorthodox flavours. 


In line with the 1927 saying, they definitely serve ice cream worth screaming for. What with the slight innovations and the quality ice cream, Chilled Treats is top-notch. 


207 Negombo Rd, Wattala


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Open until 09:30 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Ice Cream

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