Chocoholics (Kollupitiya)

357A, R.A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03

Chocoholics is the chocolate-central of Colombo!

Chocolate is splendid in any form, but why just stop at a bar of chocolate, or a simple chocolate chip cookie? Which is why we're glad about the existence of Chocoholics.
Dedicated to appeasing your sweet tooth with a chock-full-of-chocolate dishes, Chocoholics opened its doors over a year ago in Havelock Town. Now they've got a second branch down 5th Lane, and so, for many obvious reasons, we were happy to drop by. 


Aside from all-things-chocolate, this outlet has an all-day-breakfast menu as well. We opted for a little bit of both. 

Featuring a stack of five pancakes, drenched in melted chocolate, and fruits on the side (banana, strawberry, and grapes cut into pieces) drizzled with more chocolate, this plate of Mixed Fruit Pancake (Rs. 1200) was a warm, gooey mess! Fluffy, light and beautifully golden-fried on both sides, the pancakes were good as they can be, and they paired very well with the chocolate, while fruits working its magic. 

We loved it during our visit to Havelock Town too, and this time around, our sentiments were not any different. It's quite good to see how they've been maintaining the consistency of their recipes. 

Clocking it at Rs. 600, this portion of Churros came with four sticks, alongside a small helping of melted chocolate. Tossed in brown sugar, these golden-brown sticks were delicately crunchy to the bite, yet soft on the insides. They had gone easy on the sugar, so the churros itself weren't very sweet, allowing you to be lavish with the chocolate as much as you liked. 

However, I'd prefer if they were a little less fluffy, but hey, that didn't stop me from gobbling it all down. 

Out of the breakfast menu, we decided to get the Honey Sausage With Egg & Waffle (Rs. 650). We encountered one of the best waffles we've ever had at their Havelock branch, but this one was a bit on the doughy side, while the outside had a slight crisp. 

Nonetheless, it went well with the sunny-side-up egg and the sausages smothered in a sweet sauce.


*Pictured above - Cappuccino (left), and Avocado Smoothie (right)
The drinks menu at Chocoholics is comprised of Caffe Latte, milkshakes, and smoothies, and we picked a couple of them - a Caffe Latte (Rs. 500) and an Avacado Smoothie (Rs. 600). 
The presence of coffee in our Caffe Latte was quite potent, but the overall drink could have been improved easily by increasing the velvety factor of the milk. Also, it tasted and looked more like a Cappuccino, than a Latte. 
We loved the Avocado Smoothie. Creamy thick, absolutely rich with avocado and with a very little sugar to taste, it was simply brilliant. 

Ambience & Service

The ambience here is like a replica of their Havelock Town branch. Chairs, and tables painted with different shades of brown/chocolate colour, a bunch of pictures featuring some of their dishes, and quotes on how chocolate makes everything better, it's quite nice, cosy and comfortable. 

The service here was quite energetic. We got our food within 15 minutes of placing our order, and they were happy to give us recommendations on their biggest sellers. 


Much like our experience at their other branch, we are pleased with the new Chocoholics. As Colombo's chocolate-central at the moment, they've been doing quite well in what they do for all this time, and we're glad! If you've got a sweet tooth, and a weakness for chocolate, this is just the place you should be.