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The Perfect Place To Get Your Chocolatey Cravings Satisfied!

The strong aroma of chocolate hit us as soon as we opened the lid of the chocolate biscuit pudding, drowning our olfactory senses with the sweet, sweet aroma of chocolate. The next few minutes were spent in a state of frenzy, probably the most our willpower has been tried in our entire life, as we attempted to capture the essence of this glorious creation through the lens (at which we might have failed horribly due to the fact that we were in an extreme hurry!), and with the opening of each lid, each dessert sending in a fresh wave of attacks!

Being taken in even before digging into these tasty treats, we assumed our first taste too was going to be out of this world. Truer words could not have been spoken of this home-based entity, who according to us, are responsible for some of the best chocolate biscuit puddings you can find!

Chocolate Works specialises at Biscuit Puddings and they possess a vast array of these gooey, chocolatey desserts that will sweep you off your feet. 

The Chocolate Biscuit Puddings

Not many individuals are huge fans of the "mint and chocolate" combinations, accusing the mint of making it taste like they're brushing their teeth (what absolute nonsense, amirite?), but this Mint Choc-chip Pudding was on a whole other level, compelling all those who first threw shade at the combination too to go for second helpings!

Priced at Rs. 750 and coming in a proportion that is worth the money, this one transported us to a whole new plane of chocolatey satisfaction. 

The mint did not overpower the chocolate, just perfectly complemented it, while also making sure you get that blast of mint with each spoon we devoured.

With chunks of Toblerone adorning the surface of the Toblerone Biscuit Pudding (Rs. 700), and also found in its layers, this chocolate biscuit pudding is not too far away from that mark of perfection. The layers of Marie biscuit and the rich slathering of chocolate in the surface had the perfect texture, and the nutty flavour of the Toblerone itself also assisted in giving it that edge, that ability to sweep you off of your feet. 

Other Desserts

Their range of other chocolate delicacies did not in the least disappoint us either, and gave us the same delight as their chocolate biscuit puddings. If you're looking for something chocolatey and indulgent, and also at the same time, something light and airy, look no further.

With a concoction that tasted like brownies, along with a really, really soft, smooth texture and the chocolate chips that invade your taste buds, the Chocolate Fantasy (Rs. 480), aptly named, is the perfect dose of happiness you'll need to brighten your day. 

The Nutella Mousse, priced at Rs. 280, was (obviously) infused with a dose of Nutella. Light and airy, it emanated the flavour of that chocolate spread most of us will do anything for. 

The original Chocolate Mousse was made to perfection, tasted sweet, but was well balanced with a strong chocolatey hit. Creamy in texture, the little nuggets of white chocolate perfected the flavour balance. 


Chocolate Works is the perfect place to get that craving satisfied from, and their desserts are undoubtedly some of the best we've had. We highly recommend!


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