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Churros (The Kingsbury)

48 Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo

A plethora of interesting, pleasant tid bits to accompany you whiling away the time.

With a view of the Honey Beach Club, we believe we discovered the ideal spot to while away the time or grab a few exciting tidbits while catching up with your friend. 

Churros Colombo (previously The Gourmet Station) serves an exciting range of pastries, cakes, macaroons, chocolate, ice-creams, smoothies and coffee and the fact that they're open from six in the morning to midnight makes it so much better. 


The Pistachio Eclair (Rs. 290) was a light, airy pastry, with an unexpectedly exquisite filling settling itself in the hollow centre. Admittedly, the surface looks like it has been taken over by moss rather than pistachio (or maybe that was how I saw it). But going past that, you'll find the pastry to be quite crusty and the filling had a very airy feel to it, and an almost mint-ish tinge, with a distinct flavour of pistachio.

The texture of the Mango Cheesecake (Rs. 330) was spot on. Smooth, firm and slightly starchy with a strong base, the perfection of the texture made the cheesecake so much better. The mango flavour was brought out perfectly, and it wasn't sickeningly sweet, but just the right amount of sweetness that enabled you to make light work of it in a couple of minutes. 

The Blueberry Danish (Rs. 100)was not as crusty as you would expect but certainly quite good. A splodge of sickeningly sweet concoction of the blueberry taking up the centre of the danish perfectly complemented the pastry itself; which was admirable, considering the fact that the pastry too had its own hue of sweetness. 

The Egg Baguette (Rs. 290) was quite filling. The exterior wasn't as crusty as we would have liked, but the comparatively hard, cream-coloured interior made sure it still qualified as an excellent baguette. The filling was mostly boiled egg cut into wedges, the yolk included, which I personally liked. 

We loved the Ice Cream here. After having a taste of multiple flavours, we settled for the Watalappan, which did not disappoint. 

It's hard enough to come across a watalappan that presents the original watalappan taste, and the ice cream had done just that. Every fibre screamed of the rich, watalappan flavour one would love, and infused with nuts it was epic. The texture too was sort of stringy and quite creamy, and we absolutely loved it. A scoop of ice-cream comes at Rs. 250, and although it doesn't look like much, it's totally worth it.


The Cool Snap Smoothie (Rs. 400) was a mix of avocado, asparagus, lime and a few other ingredients thrown in the fray, ingredients that you would imagine would never go together, but the taste certainly took us by surprise. It takes a couple of sips for your palette to accommodate to the taste, but once it does, you can't get enough.

Perfectly chilled, accompanied by a pleasant presentation, the juice had a sort of earthy flavour to it, while also having that sweet tinge of lime, and all of the flavours had been fused together in perfect unison. 

The Spanish Latte (Rs. 380) was a perfect cup of coffee. A dainty little tulip adorning the surface of the cup, the coffee had that slight bitter tinge that you would expect. The milk worked perfectly in bringing out the coffee flavour, and the sweetness made it the ideal cup of coffee to sip on. 

Service and Ambience

With a soothing view of the pleasant Honey Beach, the ambience left nothing to complain of.

Comfortable chairs and spacious tables and a chandelier radiating warmth presents a very cosy, inviting aura.

The staff were quite friendly and accommodating and are always ready to explain what's what.


Full of pleasant surprises, Churros Colombo is undoubtedly a solid place to grab a cup of coffee and the tidbits to accompany it are quite affordable as well. The friendly staff paired with the cosy ambience makes the customers feel welcome and helps create a pleasant experience. 

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