47, Thimbirigasyaya Rd, Colombo 5

Cilantro is the new Thai restaurant above, and run by, Pho Vietnam.

Pho Vietnam's got an upstairs neighbour from their neighbouring culinary region, Thailand. Cilantro is a tiny little restaurant that serves up good Thai food at prices that don't make you wince. 

Drinks & Dining

With a wide range of traditional and popular Thai food on the menu, it's a bit tough to choose what to go for. However, the owner/head chef checked up on us and we used that opportunity to get recommendations (like the Crispy Pork, which we'll be sure to try on our next visit)

To start with, we got some Gai Hor Bai Toey, essentially deep-fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaves. At Rs. 690, you get about 5 pieces tightly wrapped and dripping hot. The aromatic starter was pretty good, although I felt the coconut milk soaked chicken might have been ever-so-slightly overcooked.

We enjoyed this one anyway (once we managed to unwrap it, that is).

For our mains, we opted for a Khao Pad, a fragrant seafood rice cooked in rich stock and with plenty of vegetables, prawns and more. At Rs. 750, this portion was enough for two, delicately spiced, and delicious.

We also went for some classic favourites like Morning Glory (Rs. 480) and Prawn Red Curry (Rs.950). The kankung was a simple and delicious prep featuring wok-tossed fresh greens with loads of garlic and a splash of soya. 

The Khang Phet (red curry) was some of the best we've had recently, although the prawns were difficult to de-shell. This generally means that they haven't been frozen, but in my experience prawns need a quick icing to make sure the shell separates from the flesh. If not, the curry doesn't soak in properly and also it's tedious to de-shell during your meal. Apart from this, the red curry was a lovely, lightly spicy dish rich in flavour and ingredients. It's just about enough for two people, so order more if you're in a group. 

We decided to share a dessert, the mango sticky rice. It may seem a little pricey at Rs. 580, but after we poured oodles of the coconut cream and pandan sauce on, and dug in, we realised it was well worth it. This was one of the highlights of our meal, a sticky, not saccharine dish of glutinous rice, fresh Lankan mango, and impeccably creamy topping. 

I also tried a Thai Iced Tea, but didn't love it. The slow-brewed tea and condensed milk concoction was far too sweet, and it didn't have that typical Thai streetside orange hue. Perhaps a lot of my reservations stem from the fact that the drink cost a whopping Rs. 450. 

Ambience & Service

The service was great (and quick), we were checked up on often by our waiter, and we were happy to have a chat with the head chef and learn more about the restaurant and the food. The ambience, however, didn't impress us. It's essentially a dimly-lit room which makes you feel a bit sleepy (and it's incredibly difficult to take good photos in) even during the day. While the decor is quite nice actually, the sofa seating is incredibly uncomfortable as the bottom part of the seat is too small, not giving you enough support and you keep slipping off. We'd really love some natural lighting and more comfortable seats to complement the yum food.


We'd recommend Cilantro. The food and service are great and prices are reasonable (and inclusive of tax), although portions aren't massive. It's a great place for an office lunch or post-work family meal.


47, Thimbirigasyaya Rd, Colombo 5


Cilantro is on Thimbi between Havelock Road and Jawatta. It's actually in from the road a bit, right next to Calorie Counter. It's on the 2nd floor of the same building as Pho Vietnam.



This place has closed down



Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Rice Beef Chicken Tea Iced Tea

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