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Cimply Yummy (Maradana)

132B J.E, Walter Gunasekara Mawatha

Cimply Yummy has an all-new delivery and take-away.

Cimply Yummy joined the restaurant troop in Colombo with a giant bang with their masterpiece, that is the bacon cheese kottu. Cholesterol in the making, the bacon cheese kottu was pretty much an instant hit amongst anyone and everyone who wasn't lactose intolerant or ate bacon. 

When we found out that they had opened up a new branch (for takeaway and delivery via UberEats) we were pretty ecstatic, to say the least. Thus, why we even considered making that horrendously laborious task of making our way to the other side of Colombo for 2 parcels of food. 

Ambience and Service 

This is essentially it, really. A tiny room big enough to fit the 2 members of staff who will not only be taking your order but will also be making it. 

I happened to go alone for this one and while I was a tad hesitant when I saw the shop but was immediately reassured by the lady inside. The staff was probably the best part of our experience here. Polite and horrendously kind, the staff promised to pull our order through within 15 minutes and managed to deliver right to the dot. 12/10 for this Cimply Yummy. 

The Food 

We happened to go with the Bacon Nasi and the Mix Cheese Kottu with added Kochchi. 

The Mix Cheese Kottu with added kochchi (Rs. 700). We had a lot of hope for this one. But was greeted with a block of what appeared to be congealed milk, parata, meat and veggies. 

While we do agree that Cheese Kottu isn't the best when you don't eat it at the restaurant itself, our last experience at Cimply Yummy was a lot better than this. Essentially tasting like flour, milk and a slight tang coming through from the cheese, we didn't like it. The portion size is quite good for Rs. 700 because it's enough for 3 people at least. That being said, we must have (We meaning myself and 3 other people) gave up on it after eating just half of it. 

The meats in the mix seemed to revolve mostly around the likes of sausages, chicken and such and not much else. And even the abundance of sausages couldn't salvage this one for us. 

I personally found the Bacon Nasi (Rs. 650) to be the better of the two. Dinesh seemed to think that the Kottu was better, but hear me out. 

Oily, saucy and doused with cut up red chilli, the Bacon Nasi was as unhealthy as a rice dish could get. Served with bullseye egg, half a piece of pineapple and a wee bit of chilli paste on the side, we weren't impressed. 

Yes, there was a lot of flavours involved, but most of the flavour seemed to come from the sauces and the oil seeping through the bacon that they had included in the rice and nothing else. An increase in the amount and variety of veggies could have done wonders to this dish particularly because of how rich everything gets because of the bacon. All in all, it gave off large amounts of cholesterol vibes and we wouldn't necessarily recommend this to anyone. 


While we've had more than one good memory at Cimply Yummy, this, unfortunately, can't be termed as one of them. While the changes they have to make are pretty small, they can be significant especially considering how steep their prices are overall. 



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