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Cloud Wok

206, Stanley Tilakaratne Mawatha, Nugegoda

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A relatively new kitchen-in-the-cloud with an extensive list of items on their menu.

Cloud Kitchens are takeaway places that don’t have any dine-in facilities. Usually, they have a high profit and low risk for entrepreneurs, which explains its popularity and fast growth. Living in a time where most people prefer something that’s convenient - like having food delivered directly to their doorsteps without the need to cook or go out, it’s no surprise how modern-day folks are embracing this type of setting - making it a win-win for both parties.

Cloud Wok, located somewhere in Stanley Thillakatarna Mawatha, is a relatively new player that provides this type of food delivery service. Having our office within their delivery range, we decided to order a lunch from them on a slow Wednesday. 


They have quite an impressive range of food on their cloud menu. From starters to dishes with meats like beef, pork, mutton, as well as seafood. Aside from that, they also have kottu, fried rice, noodles and even fruit juices. 

The food comes nicely packaged in boxes and even though it says dine-in on them, as far as we have gathered, they don’t do that. All of them had a small tub of chilli paste.

Intrigued with its name, we got the Seafood Bamboo Rice (Rs. 450). We didn’t have many expectations in any way as to what we will find but weren’t disappointed at what we got either.

The rice was cooked well with a slight wok aroma and was tad oily but we didn’t mind it much. The sauces they had added to the rice gave a bit of a sweet note and it came across as well-seasoned. We would have liked to see more bits of seafood here, because all we could find was a few pieces of shrimp and even fewer cuttlefish bits. It was plentiful with bits of spring onions and thinly sliced carrots too. 

They are supposed to add bamboo shoot (to make sense to the name I presume) but due to customer feedback, it seemed like they don’t add it unless requested.

Even though we got the small portion, we ended up sharing it between three. All in all, the rice was enjoyable but nothing to rave about, but mostly thanks to its portion size, we felt we got our money’s worth.

On a side note, we highly recommend you pair this with a side dish to get the most out of it, which is exactly what we did.

This is the Peppery Pork (Rs. 540) we ordered to pair our rice with. It's a total win. Soaked in a thick pepper sauce, the meat hit the right spot when it comes to heat and peppery notes. The sizeable pieces of meat were deliciously chewy, but rightly so, as it's not hard to the bite.

The veggies found in the gravy, such as carrots, bell pepper, onion slices and mixing it up with the Bamboo rice, lifted up the whole meal.

Day time kottu is something we have a soft spot for, so we got the Chicken Cheese Kottu (Rs. 390). We expected it to carry more of a cheesy flavour, but it seemed that most of the flavour was coming from milk, making it creamy and somewhat off-balance.

There was an okay amount of shredded chicken pieces mixed in the kottu, along with some grated carrots, small pieces of spring onion which added a good crunch to the gooey roti. The randomly scattered bell pepper didn’t give much heat, but you can use the provided chilli paste should you feel like you need some of that.

We suggest taking a bit of time mixing things up and then just taking chunks off from the kottu “block”. For a lunchtime meal, this kottu served its purpose of being filling.

How To Order

We used PickeMe Food app to get our order but, Cloud Wok is available across multiple delivery services. You can always call them up or contact them through their social media that are listed on the bottom of this review.


If you want to get a meal while being spoilt for choice, Cloud Wok is a good option. But we felt that they do have a few things to polish up here and there. However, all the items we got were small portion sizes but they were, in fact, generous portions which you'll be able to share with someone. 

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