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'Cocktails/Juices' (Unnamed Beach Bar, Hiriketiya)


This little pick up and go spot on the Hiriketiya beach has defiantly been in operation for a good few months despite being shit down once or twice for illegally occupying the beach. Their value for money drinks deserve a mention.

​Right on the Hiriketiya Beach, just in front of Dots Bay House and to the right of the surf shacks, there is a little bar without a name that does a roaring trade selling juices and cocktails. The owner tells me that they've been shut down several times because of occupying the beach, but they keep coming back everytime. We're glad.


All juices are Rs. 350. The menu is rather simple, and in this case indicates a tendency to stick to strengths. You can mix up the juices for Rs.50 extra. We played around with some fun combos. The Pineapple-Passion had a nicely balanced acidity from both fruit, somehow complementary.

The Banana-Pineapple is smooth. In our case it was more banana than pineapple. The Papaya-Passion was the only one I didn’t like that much, the papaya added a thick and sweet texture overlaying the passionfruit, which somehow fell short of good. 


The Diquiri (Rs. 600) was very good with nicely blended flavors. Not overly sweet, just the way I like it. The Watermelon Diquiri has rum, watermelon, lemon, sugar and a dash of Sprite.


Is basically Hiriketiya Beach, with the bonuses of beach chairs to lounge on, pet/stray dogs to play with, and people to chat with. Can't ask for much more. 


Gruff but friendly, prompt and if it feels like it, very chatty. Full points.


A nice place to hang to just experience Hiriketiya Beach, with the added benefits of great drinks and supporting local business. 


Try the Daiquiri.
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