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Colombo Chaiwala

12, Lily Ave, Colombo

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A charming little tea room in Wellawatte, Colombo Chaiwala does excellent chai and delicious beef samosa, among other things.

Colombo is quite lucky to have not one, but two great chaiwalas. A few weeks ago, we had chai from Chaiwala Colombo, and this time around, we visited the Colombo Chaiwala.

Unlike Chaiwala Colombo, this place has an actual restaurant where you can properly sit down for a cuppa, but just like Chaiwala Colombo, these guys do some fantastic chai to warm up your soul, along with a bunch of tasty snacks. 

The Chai

On the day we visited, they had two chai varieties and Sulaimani Tea. We tried all three of them. 

Served in a clay cup, the Tandoori Chai (Rs. 150) has a bold, powerful spicy flavour that appeals to the avid tea drinker in you. It really packs a punch, with a subtle earthy note, and a dash of kahata too, while wafting an enchanting aroma. 

The Masala Chai (Rs. 100) was a classic. Slight murmurs of spices weave their way through the frothy, velvety milk, this one offers a rich, wholesome flavour, along with just the right sweet kick. 

The Sulaimani Tea (Rs. 80) had a couple of mint leaves floating about. A refreshing twist on a well-brewed plain tea.

The Food

I drool every time I look at this picture. 

For Rs. 150, Colombo Chaiwala offers three absolutely crispy Beef Samosas, stuffed to its brim with a savoury, beefy filling. It's a must-try. We weren't too impressed by the Punjabi Samosas (Rs. 250). It also comes as a portion of three. Despite the crispy, golden-fried shell, the filling here lacked the balance of spices. 
This patty was supposed to be a Babath Patty - a patty with a babath-centric filling. However, we could spot a lot of beef here, and just a few pieces of babath.

Nonetheless, it was incredibly flavourful. Filled with chewy, succulent chunks of well curried up beef, the patty was flaky, buttery and had a slight crisp. Costs Rs. 150, and comes as a serving of two.

We couldn't help but notice how this piece of Chocolate Cake (Rs. 150) looks and tastes like The Fab chocolate cake. It's all homemade though; the owner himself makes it.

Slightly sweet, but yet with a nice chocolate taste, its texture was moist and soft. 

Ambience & Service

We love the cosy vibe this place gives off. It made us feel at home. They have vibrant walls decorated with paintings, and the seating arrangement includes wooden chairs and tables.

The owners are inviting, accomodating and happy to make recommendations whenever you may need any.  


From what we gathered, all the chais are made by Indian chefs, so the authenticity of the flavours are guaranteed. It's a charming little tea room to drop by for some excellently prepared chai, paired with delicious snacks; all without having to drill a hole in your wallet. 


12, Lily Ave, Colombo


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