Copper Chimney (Hunupitiya)

Hunupitiya Road, Colombo 2

Copper Chimney, the Hunupitiya branch appears to be the original in what has now become a franchise. This is an underrated lunch time only fried-rice kade.

Copper Chimney is probably Slave Island's best known (or only?) fried rice kade. They've also got 'branches' in Colombo 7, Nugegoda and Kotte. It's basically a little buth kade dedicated to just fried rice, open only for lunch, and if the hordes of working folks who file in every day are any indication, the stuff is yummy. 

The Rice

The thing about Copper Chimney is that it's cheap - their Facebook page boasts 'the most value for money fried rice in town'. While fried rice is typically more expensive than rice and curry in other kades (Rs. 200ish), here you can get a vegetable fried rice for as low as 60 bucks. Our chicken fried rice was only Rs. 130. It's basically samba rice tossed in carrots, spring onion, lemongrass, a decent piece of fried chicken, and dollops of chilli paste and tomato sauce (which, incidentally, makes a great additive to fried rice).

This is just one hard smack of oil, salt and MSG, but in the best possible way. Make sure you ask for extra chilli paste, because the chilli paste is superb and for me, the meal ended when the paste did. It's a sweet spicy happy meal, that leaves you totally satisfied, but we can see this getting old if you tend to have it on a daily basis.

Service & Ambience

Their Facebook page has this fun advertisement of comically titled rice packets - we were amused by 'Crisis', their most basic chicken fried rice for when you're really broke! But unfortunately, the guy at the Hunupitiya branch had no idea when I asked him about the funny names, he just knew they had chicken, egg or veg available. 

Copper Chimney sounds terribly British, but this is as podi hole-in-the-wall kade as it gets. It's a small cramped space in a really, really old, crumbly building, manned by two guys - one tossing about the fried rice and the other shoveling it hot-hot into plates. They seemed rather sullen but very efficient and had their hands full since there was a long queue of hungry fried rice lovers waiting for their turn. 

Right opposite the stove where all the action happens is a make-shift bunch of steel chairs (you also get a row of them just outside), in case you're in a crazy hurry and don't mind sitting there and stuffing your face. We'd recommend takeaway. 


Copper Chimney is a great place for tasty, satisfying and cheap as hell fried rice. If you're in the neighborhood around lunch time, it's not a bad place to grab a packet from. 


If you don't like ketchup with your rice, make sure you tell them before they serve you.


Hunupitiya Road, Colombo 2


It's on the corner of Hunupitiya Road and W. A. D. Ramanayake Road.



Open 11.00AM to 3.00PM

Price Range

Less than 200

Dish Types

Fried Rice

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