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Corn & Me


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A home-based business that does sweet cone-based snacks.

Corn & Me is another cloud kitchen that whips up some sweet corn-based snacks with a few different flavours. We couldn't find a physical location for the place, so we ordered from them through PickMe Food. 


As the name implies, they have a bunch of offerings mainly revolving around corn. Apart from that, they’ve got a beverage and a few soups. Anyway, we decided to go with their speciality - corn.

The Cheese Love (Rs. 260) had just enough flavour or not too much of it, depending on who you ask. As for me, I need it to be more cheesy. It did have a creamy texture with a slight peppery sting incorporated with plenty of sweetness coming from the sweet corn. While we did feel like they could maybe bump up the creamy, cheesy flavour a bit more, the taste here was good enough.

The Corn Love Special (Rs. 260) was a flavour blast! Reminded us of the pungent umbalakada sambol - but in a good way. It had enough of chilli pieces contributing to the spiciness and the taste was quite in-your-face, almost too much but not really crossing a line. Spicy, yet sweet with a teensy bit of salt flavoured, it was quite good. While the flavour blast might be too strong for some, you will be able to enjoy this - if you were looking for a mouth twitching sinfully-good taste.

The BBQ Love (Rs. 260) was a headscratcher. Right away you'll notice that there is too much BBQ sauce, but a bit watered down version of it. It was quite peppery to the point that it can give you a burn in your throat. They could've easily made this flavour better, if they had gone easy on the sauce. 

The Spicy Chicken Love (Rs. 260) was what we were excited for but eventually, it did let us down. With the aroma and the flavour of typical masala seasoning, it was too spicy and had a strong after taste that just felt so wrong. Not to mention the masala flavour was quite overpowering the sweetness of the sweet corn. It was generous with minced chicken, but the flavour didn’t live up to our expectations.


In comparison to the good old Magic Corn, Corn & Me presents an interesting set of flavours. If they can work on the magnitude of the twists which drowns out the sweetness of the sweet corn, they can easily improve them. 




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