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24 Deal Place 03, Colombo

Cravings is a cute new bakery located directly below Delifrance near Deals Place. They serve coffee and a wide variety of cakes and other baked goods.

Cravings is a small cafe directly below Delifrance near Deal Place. They serve coffee and have a variety of sweet items to choose from. We stopped by to see what they had in store.


They had a lot of cakes, tarts, and other desserts on display, which all looked amazing, but there was nothing savory to be seen. I asked the lady behind the counter and she said since they are relatively new they haven't started a savory line yet. However, they did have pre-made lunch packets for sale. We ordered a Lemon Meringue Pie and Mongolian Chicken Rice to go, and Cappuccino while we waited.

The Cappucino (Rs. 350) was your average cuppa, nothing stood out. If you're a fan of coffee you would have liked this, but if you're one to Instagram your food you would have been deeply disappointed.

The Mongolian Chicken Rice (Rs. 400), on the other hand, was brilliant. It was filled with spice and flavor and it left a kick at the back of your throat. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the glaze was a good balance between spicy and sweet. The rice too was very flavorsome and crunchy (because of thin strips of carrot). I'd say this kept you going back for more but there was so much it could easily be shared by two people. It's a great deal for Rs. 400 and we highly recommend it. Only if you can handle spice though! 

The Lemon Meringue Pie (Rs. 250) was very satisfying. The tang of the lemon was neutralized by the sweetness of the meringue. While this was delicious, we don't recommend you eat this by yourself because it is very, very sweet. Again, it's quite big so you can share it. The crust was soft, and slightly salty, which helped curb the sweetness of the tart. 

We also recently did a Éclair Taste-Off, in which the chocolate éclair (Rs. 200) from Cravings came out on top. 

Soft choux pastry with a filling that had a mix of both custard and icing, topped with rich chocolate and nougat, this tasted heavenly. 

Service and Ambiance 

There isn't much in terms of space, a few stools and two tables outside. It's more suitable for takeout. The wait staff who operate behind the counter are very friendly. They apologized for not having everything mentioned in the menu and stated that they will have everything sorted in the near future.

Final Thoughts

We had a very pleasant experience at Cravings and thoroughly enjoyed the food. Here's hoping they keep their standards up in the coming months!


Try their Mongolian Fried Rice!


24 Deal Place 03, Colombo


Opposite the Manhattan Fish Market.


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