Cuisine De Ceylon

30/29, 6th Lane, D.M. Colombage Mawatha, Colombo 05

Home-based food spot that has brilliant, mouthwatering food at great prices!

You've seen how hot-headed your mom can get if she's preparing food for guests; one wrong movement and every single mistake you made since your birth is brought out for scrutiny. Which is why we love ordering food.

A home-based food spot that excels at making large orders of rice, Cuisine De Ceylon definitely is amongst the top.

The Food

We went with the Chicken Yellow Ghee Rice Platter which was priced at Rs. 2900, and claimed it could serve 6-7 people. This was clearly false. It could serve around 10. 

The food was delivered on time and came in a safe, convenient package. It has a shelf life of 4 hours, but it is advisable to refrigerate it if you're planning on leaving it for longer (which will be a task that will need a lot of your willpower considering how tempting it is).

The Ghee Rice came in a handy wewal sawan like structure, wrapped in a banana leaf. A mountain of rice and the aroma wafting from it, this in itself was a heavenly sight to behold. The texture of the rice was perfect, fluffy, and they hadn't used a mountain of ghee, but just enough to give it that slightly oily texture and distinct taste.

They had ample helpings of Moju, Dhal, Potato Curry, Mango Curry, Devilled Chicken and also a small helping of custard as the dessert. What we loved about the curries was how it went in perfect harmony with the rice instead of just an assortment of curries that had been strung together.

The Moju was slightly oily and that sweet taste that you'd expect wasn't available, but the brinjals were fried to the ideal level and slathered in mouthwatering sauce, along with the other vegetables in the curry. The carrots were semi-cooked, which gave it a very crisp taste, and perfectly complemented the brinjals, along with the slices of onions that had been used.

The Potato Curry had been prepared in a spicy manner, with capsicum also added to the fray, and also a fishy flavour which came with the Maldive fish that had been added by grinding it into pieces. 

The Mango Curry almost tasted like a chutney; creamy, thick, sweet fluid engulfing the fleshy pieces of the mango, it was a sweet delight. 

The Dhal Curry had a spicy topping added to the surface of the dhal. Sans the topping, the dhal was quite mild and creamy, consisting of an almost creamy texture. 

The Devilled Chicken was one of the highlights of the curries. Spicy and flooded with succulent, juicy chunks of chicken, nothing to complain about here. It compelled ourselves to immediately indulge in the chicken, like a bunch of school kids immediately attacking the meat in a parcel of rice. 

The custard pudding, although it wasn't their forte and the portion wasn't huge, it tasted quite good; we did feel like the sweetness overpowered the taste of the custard, but the little pieces of jelly on top also contributed to the presentation of a wholesome dessert.

How To Order

You can contact them via the number attached on this review or visit their Facebook page for the menu. All you've got to do is give them a call, confirm the order and pay an advance to the account number they will present.


Definitely value for money! Cuisine de Ceylon enables you to avoid tons of hassle while also making sure you have a solid meal to savour. We would definitely recommend.


30/29, 6th Lane, D.M. Colombage Mawatha, Colombo 05



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