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A cloud kitchen with delicious Asian-style noodles dishes and fantastic Sri Lankan short eats.

Cuisinely is all about Asian-style noodle-centric specialities and some delightful Sri Lankan short eats. They're a cloud kitchen, which delivers through various mobile delivery platforms. 


Cubes of pork tossed into a pepper sauce along with bits of onions and capsicum, the Pepper Pork (Rs. 1070) was served with boiled egg noodles. It was supposed to come with stir-fried egg noodles, but we didn't mind, as the pork dish did a good job in lacing up the noodles with flavour.

The pork itself was slightly peppery with a prominent sweet note, all thanks to soaking up the flavours of the sauce. Plus, it's almost entirely meat. We hardly came across any oily bit.

The Kung Pao Chicken (Rs. 880) promises boiled egg noodles on the menu, but we received the stir-fried kind. Salty and sweet, this chicken stir-fry was all right. It had a good amount of peanuts, as well as chilli peppers, but we'd like to taste a bit more spiciness in this.

In a way, the mix up of noodles in these two dishes actually worked out for the better. The pork dish has more flavour in comparison to the kung pao, so the boiled noodles pair well with pork, while the stir-fried egg noodles sort of makes up for the lack of flavour in the chicken. 

As we mentioned in the beginning, Cuisinely does fantastic short eats, and these Fish Buns (Rs. 340 for 3) are enough testament to that. Soft and fluffy as hell, they are generously filled with an incredibly flavourful mackerel mixture. Spicy with a hint of pepper, this filling actually debunks the popular myth with plenty of mackerel. Maalu Paan with actual maalu in it. So good!


It's a reliable option to get your lunch/dinner fix, if you're in the mood for noodles. Or simply go for the short eats. They make some excellent tea-time snacks. 


Delivery only

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