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15A, Robert Road, off Quarry Road, Dehiwala

CuppaCrème is a home baker who is amazing at choc biscuit pudding and red velvet cupcakes.

CuppaCrème is a home-baker that you can count on if you're getting red velvet cupcakes and chocolate biscuit pudding.

The Range


The CuppaCrème menu is small, but it's good quality. The cheesecake was pretty delicious - soft and creamy, though the floor of the cake was quite tough. She makes them in massive cake form - the 'small' order for Rs. 3300 was quite big, enough for about 8. She makes red velvet, chocolate and vanilla buttercream, and carrot cake in the same range. CuppaCrème is a good go-to place for cheesecake.


We also had chocolate brownies - 25 pieces for Rs. 1500, which we though was quite decent. They tasted fine - soft and chocolatey, neither dry nor too cakey.


It is so difficult to find good chocolate biscuit pudding and we don't know a whole lot of home bakers that make it either, so I'm pretty grateful for the option at CuppaCrème. A small pudding, which is actually about 8 fat pieces, will cost you Rs. 1500 - which we thought was a great deal because this was some very good pudding. The highlight was the super creamy, thick chocolate coating on top.


We also got some of her cupcakes - her menu includes vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream, red velvet and carrot cake. They come in small sizes (minimum order 24) and big sizes (minimum order 12), some of the small ones for as low as Rs. 65. The chocolate cupcakes were just alright, they didn't impress much, but the red velvet was amazeballs - soft and sweet with pure cream cheese frosting dripping over the top.



We're definitely big fans of CuppaCrème, mostly because of that pudding and the red velvet cupcakes. You'll spend about Rs. 1500-2000 for this stuff, which is a rate that's on par with a lot of home bakers, but considering the quality here, we think it's fully worth it.


This is a good bet for party orders.


15A, Robert Road, off Quarry Road, Dehiwala


Robert Road is right off the middle of Quarry Road, near Park Road. It's a five-minute drive into this road.



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