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Curry Pot

314/1/A, Kollupitiya Road, Marine Drive, Colombo

A buth kadey down Marine Drive in Colpetty. Quite popular, quite good.

Curry Pot is a well-kept, nourishing, and spacious rice-and-curry joint down Marine Drive in Colpetty. It doesn't disappoint and is, as most buth kadeys, quite popular amongst the office crowd and few college students in the area.

Food and Service

With about 20 pots of curries ranging from veggies, sambols, meats, and fried chilli, the layout at Curry Pot is a feast for your eyes.

You get around four veggies of choice and one meat option according to their set prices, but can choose more or less what you want if you pay a bit more. Even so, you can easily choose like six different things and still keep it under Rs. 220, which is what it cost me for prawns, chicken, a haalmassa baduma, gotukola malluma, polos curry, pol-sambol, and of course, pappadam.

The portion size is generous and the food tastes wonderfully authentic and homemade, not watered down, or bland. It's spicy, and it's an honest-to-goodness Sri Lankan meal. Not the best around, but pretty good really.

Kavindu is vegetarian and ordered similarly, and his one cost him just Rs. 150.

This is as healthy and tasty as you can get because (a) red rice (b) plenty of veggies all prepared differently and (c) not oily. Another thing is that the food wasn't overcooked, which is something which tends to happen with vegetables in buth packets. You get sad, soggy excuses for vegetable curries, and it wasn't so in this.

The staff are efficient and pleasant, dealing with long queues and plating up curries quickly and neatly.


There's a mati-kadey like setup at the end of a spacious room, behind which the food is served. People queue up there, and then go sit on the dark wood tables and chairs arranged around the area. It's also clean and well kept, thankfully. The place gets super crowded by 12:30pm, and is packed by 1:30, so we couldn't take pictures of the area because there were too many people and it would've been super awkward.


The Curry Pot has authentic and good Sri Lankan food at immensely reasonable prices. There's great value for money, and is clearly very popular with the people working and studying in the neighbourhood. We fully recommend checking it out if you happen to be in the area or want to take a non-Sri Lankan friend out for a down-to-earth local experience.


314/1/A, Kollupitiya Road, Marine Drive, Colombo


Head towards Colpetty on Marine Drive, and it's a few metres away from the Memon Hall.



Open until 03:00 PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Rice And Curry

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