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Dairy King

69A, Church Street, Galle Fort, Galle

Dairy King is a good place to stop by for ice cream - and fat chocolatey brownies - if you're in Galle Fort.

Dairy King is hard to miss if you're in Galle Fort. It's a popular little stop run by a family, for all your ice cream and milkshake needs. They've got a decent range of flavours and one of the best brownies we've had in ages.

The Dairy

They've got a ridiculously long list of options of juices, shakes, coffees and teas besides the ice cream. We just tried a bit of vanilla and cinnamon ice cream.


The ice cream on our visit were stocked away in little cups - we saw a whole bunch of flavours, including mint, coconut, cinnamon, lime, choc-chip and ginger. For Rs. 250, we think the ice cream you get here is worth it. It comes in a good size and is of a very strong flavour judging by our cinnamon.


It was the brownies and ice cream that I really loved though. This is Rs. 450 but the brownie is pretty huge and amazing and they aren't stingy with the ice cream either, so it felt like value for money. The ice cream itself was alright, it wasn't as creamy as some home-made ice cream is but tasty enough. The brownie had little nuts in its thick chocolatey surface and was overall very soft and a dream for chocolate lovers.

Location & Ambience


Dairy King is in a great location, right at the end of Church Street, just a skip away from the Galle Fort ramparts. Its blue and pink walls are impossible to miss and often you find the very friendly Dairy King himself, the founder of this ice cream stop, standing outside and luring people with the call of 'special home made ice cream'.


Inside the pink walls is just the ice cream counter, so the seating is outside it. There are simple little garden chairs and checkered tablecloths, and if it's hot you can sit in the veranda where there's cushier seating.


The King of Dairy The Dairy King himself

We like Dairy King, because ice cream. And especially in a fort that's known for its high prices, the prices here are quite kind on the wallet.


The brownie is a must-get.


69A, Church Street, Galle Fort, Galle


Church Street is very near the Mosque on Rampart street, just walk into the street from the rampart side and you'll see pink and blue walls on your right.


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Open 10:30AM to 10:00PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Brownies Ice Cream

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