David's Dangerously Delicious Char Siu

27/5, Rosmead Place Colombo 7

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This delivery/take-away only place is amazing. The focus on Chinese BBQ (pork and chicken) and do it well.

David's Dangerously Delicious Char Siu does amazing char siu or Chinese BBQ. The menu is simple and there is no seating - they just do char siu and they only do delivery or take-away. All the focus is on the meat, and it is excellent. The pork is meltingly good and the chicken is soft and sweetly seasoned. Highly recommended.

The Food

There are basically only two items on the menu - pork char siu or chicken. You can get various quantities and a few sides (bread, rice, cucumber, nai miris sauce), but that's it. The only real decision is pork or chicken, and how much.

We tried the Pork first. 

Wow! It is delicious. The pork pieces are perfect, fatty and lean in good proportion, and the skin is perfectly caramelized - not even slightly burnt or bitter. It's a sweet, savory, umami treat.

Personally, if you're choosing I recommend the pork as this is the classic char siu style, and you really get the mix of textures, the harder skin, the softer meat and the positively gooey fat. 

This actually came with the Rice Bowl (Rs. 550) which includes rice, cucumber and a nai miris sauce. This is basically all you need, though we could have used another shot of nai miris.

We also tried the Chicken, both the rice bowl and a side order of just Chicken (Rs 950 for 250g). This has the same delicious flavor but not the same fattiness as the pork. What it does have is the beautifully caramelized skin and the chicken is perfectly cooked.

What I like about David's Char Siu is they have focused on one thing and done it well. The meat is the star and it's perfect. And that's all you really need. This is some amazing Chinese BBQ.


So there basically is no ambience. We went here to sit and eat but there is no seating, it's just take-away or delivery (they're on Uber Eats). We got take-away and the staff is quite nice and the food was ready in like five minutes. Then we took it somewhere else and inhaled it.

The staff is great but if you're ordering delivery you'll probably never interact with them. Whatever they're doing on the recipe and execution part is amazing though.


Chinese BBQ. Savory pork and chicken. What else do we need to say? My home is out of delivery range but this is the sort of place I would take the 138 to and order from the bus stand. If you are in the delivery range, lucky you! They're opening a new outlet in the upcoming Shangri-La mall, and this one is off Rosmead Place (serving a radius around Colombo 7). For bigger orders, I think you can call them directly and they may deliver further.

David's Dangerously Delicious Char Siu lives up to the name. They just do Char Siu, and it is dangerously delicious. We love it! 


27/5, Rosmead Place Colombo 7


Order it for delivery. Otherwise it's between Wijerama and Town Hall Road on a little lane off Rosmead.





Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

BBQ Pork Chicken

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