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Day To Day

No. 282, Ground Floor, Liberty Arcade.

Shop for all your favorite candy in one place.

There have been quite a few candy shops opening up around Colombo. This one is located on the ground floor of Liberty Arcade, right opposite the Liberty bus halt. This is not just a candy store. You'll see why.

The Shop

They have got all your favorite stuff that you don't normally find in the supermarket (I am not talking about the Indian versions). This means brands like Hershey's (they have Kisses), KitKat, Lindt, Kinder Bueno etc. Their prices start at Rs. 200 for a two-bar KitKat and upwards. 

They also have a range of chips like Cheetos and Doritos. The Flaming Hot Cheetos (Rs. 680) we got was not hot at all, but still tasty. We could not try the Doritos but hopefully, they're much better (fingers crossed).

They also have small candy like lollipops, toffees, chocolate balls and popular brands like Skittles, Mentos and Starburst.

That's not all. They also have fruit juices from the popular UK brand Rubicon as well as a Thai brand called Tipco. They also sell the local favorites like Tang.

You can also find cheese spreads and jam jars as well, all foreign brands. The prices are of course higher than your usual supermarket prices, but considering the quality of these products, it's worth it.

Now for all the health nuts, they have a range of healthy, sugar-free snacks at the far end of the shop. From chocolates, crackers, cookies, assortments to spreads and sweeteners.

But wait, there's more. Day To Day also has breakfast goodies like cereal, oats (they have Quaker!) and staples like pasta, spaghetti, so many kinds of soups, sauces, mixes like Chicken Fry Mix, luncheon meats, and oils.

You can also find canned goods, coffee, latte and sweets like Gulab Jamun as well. 

Now, this is something we did not expect to find at a candy shop. They have a whole section of cosmetics, shampoo, perfumes, and deodorants. 

Service and Ambience

There were about three staff and they seemed to mind their own business while we looked around, instead of following us around and making suggestions. Also, they seemed to have a pretty good idea about the products and prices, if you need help finding something. Their service was efficient and friendly. 

The place is very inviting, as a result of all the candy of course. In addition to that, it is very spacious, so you would not be bumping into people or shelves as you browse.


As you can see, this is not just a candy store. Aside from the fresh ingredients, you can get everything you want in one place. Especially if you're someone who doesn't have time to make meals from scratch, then this place is ideal. We recommend you drop by the next time you visit Liberty Arcade.


They have juices, shampoos, and sugar-free snacks as well.


No. 282, Ground Floor, Liberty Arcade.


It's on the ground floor of Arcade, opposite the Liberty bus halt.



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