Desserted is a dessert van that redefines Colombo’s food truck scene, by serving up a range of desserts which you can indulge on the go.

Looking like Scooby Doo and Co. who had decided to turn the Mystery Machine into a truck for desserts Desserted has a very cosy, friendly vibe and is one of the most unorthodox spots for desserts, in terms of ambience.

The Food

Desserted had a number of available desserts at an affordable price, ideal for a quick bite or to quench that craving. 

The flame gun that was used to torch the Crème Brûlée (Rs. 250), thus adding the finishing touch reminded us of the contraption we used to make during big matches using a lighter and Mortein. This was much easier, (hint hint) safer and hygienic, and in a few seconds, it was ready for devouring.

We felt like the Crème Brûlée had been torched a bit too much, and the glaze on the surface felt very hard (and also pleasantly sweet), and at the same time, did not go as well with the pudding; they felt like separate entities. The pudding had a slight eggy taste to it, but other than that, it was quite good.

The Banana and Strawberry Waffles were basically a waffle kottu, with waffles used as the roti. The waffles in itself were thin and crispy. We would've prefered it to be a little thicker so that it could have absorbed the flavour, but the crispiness of these waffles also did the trick.

The Banana Waffle (Rs. 360) consisted of sliced banana and chocolate syrup, so if you're looking for something sweet on your cheat day, you can get that potassium into your system and feel a bit less guilty. 

The Strawberry Waffles (Rs. 360) was basically a the chopped up waffle with strawberry jam slathered on it. It only had one actual strawberry which was lowkey disappointing, and the jam was slightly too sweet and was not in harmony with the waffles.

The crunched up chunks of brownie came in a little plastic cup, and had a strawberry, whipped cream and chocolate syrup adorning the surface. The Chocolate Brownie (Rs. 360) perfectly encapsulated the chocolatey flavour and had nuts, that when snuck into our mouth between bites, is blissful. The whipped cream was slightly heavy instead of the fluffy whipped cream we're used to.

The Muhlabiya (Rs.180) tasted like a different rendition of the muhlabiya, swaying away from the orthodox, creamy smooth texture and adopting a gelatinous, semi-melted texture. Unfortunately, there were only a dozen or so nuts sprinkled on top as well, and the dessert consisted of that milky taste that you expect.

Ambience and Service

Parked next to the Arabian Knights at One Galle Face, the food truck has a very quaint, homely feel to it. There are no seating arrangements of course, but you can hang around there while having your dessert.

The service is also quite fast and the staff, which consisted of around two people, were friendly and accommodating. 


The concept is quite interesting and unique, since most food trucks you find today focus mainly on savoury food items. In the aspect of the available dishes though, there are some improvements that can be made to the food items to make it that much more sought after.


Try the Mahalabia.





Open until 10:00 PM

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Brownies Waffles

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