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153 Malay Street, Colombo 02.

Devly's is a trendy new restaurant down Malay Street in Colombo 2.

Devly's is fairly new to the block, but don't underestimate their ability to find their way into your heart (and stomach!). They're right next to Burger's King on Slave Island, so they're pretty impossible to miss.



For starters we ordered a Prawn Cocktail (Rs.500) and Cream of Mushroom Soup (Rs.300). The portions were hearty, with around 10 boiled prawns, which went hand in hand with the citrusy cocktail sauce. The soup was accompanied with two slices of toasted garlic bread. The bread was perfect, but we did notice a lack of seasoning in the Mushroom Soup.

The mains came within seconds of our starters being cleared out, and at this point we were slightly full. We got the BBQ Chicken with French Fries (Rs.500) and a Chicken Cheese Burger (Rs.400). If you're a spice lover, I'd highly recommend the BBQ Chicken. There is a slight sweetness in the spice rub and you can feel a kick of fire at the back of your throat. The Chicken Burger was fresh and the pattie juicy, but the coleslaw overpowered the taste of the chicken pattie. 

We were already stuffed when the owner came over and recommended their award-winning fruit trifle. Apparently his wife had represented Canada in the Culinary Olympics and was a gold medalist. Our conversation went something like:

"Anything for dessert?"

"Ah no, thank you I'm stuf-"

"My wife *inaudible* Olympic Gold Medalist"

"Very cool, for what event?"

"Culinary Olympics."


Anyway, we were easily convinced and ordered a cream caramel (Rs.150) and fruit trifle (Rs.200). The caramel was quite disappointing, it was hard and difficult to swallow. But, the fruit trifle blew me away. If the Culinary Olympic story was a hoax, I would have gone to a shop, bought a gold medal and given it to Devly's myself. The soft creamy custard was a perfect match for the tangy fruit jelly. There was also an almost gel-like cake as a base which balanced the flavor of the custard and jelly. 


Service and Ambience

From the road, you'll see a spacious room with red, white and black interior, which is definitely Instagram worthy. The white walls with framed quotes and wooden floors, accompanied with bright lights give Devly's a very modern and trendy look.

You can pick to sit in a private booth or table, and being the cushion lover I am, I picked the booth. The soft 80's music playing in the background presents a chill atmosphere that's good for family get-togethers, date nights or even one of those "treat yo self" moments.

In addition to this, the service at Devly's was spot on. I walked in and was showered with smiles and ushered to a table of my choosing. Since they are somewhat new to the restaurant scene in Colombo, the owners hang around the front to check up on customers and make friendly conversation. Also, they were swift in taking orders and the food came relatively fast. 



With great atmosphere and reasonable prices, Devly's is worth a re-visit. They don't rely heavily on advertising, and gain customers through word of mouth.  So here's my word: if you want a good vibes and a good meal, check out Devly's.


They're open from 11 am to 3 pm for lunch and 5 pm to 11 pm for dinner

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