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Dilmah t-Lounge (Arcade)

Shop No. 4, Arcade Independence Square, Colombo 7

Dilmah t-Lounge at the Arcade is pretty similar to their outlet in Chatham Street. The food is good, and the space is less crowded but the service isn't great.

We loved Dilmah t-Lounge, especially for their utterly refreshing and cooling drinks. The drinks are still good, but the service is possibly the worst you can get in Colombo — Arcade's branch couldn't do worse if they tried.

Food, Drinks and... Service (or lack of thereof)

Dilmah's breezy flavoured teas are exquisite. Light, tangy, and infused with just the right amount of flavour and a tad too much sugar (especially unstirred), it's a cooling slice of heaven on a sweltering day. We love our authentic cup of strong strained tea, but sometimes, just sometimes, it's nice to have tea with a twist.

We preferred the Moroccan Iced Mint Tea over our Blueberry and Pomegranate, mostly because the latter was a lot sweeter and less subtle. The Moroccan, infused with slivers of lime and fresh mint leaves balanced sweetness and acidity perfectly. The execution is simple, and delivers what it promises. We loved it.

Priced the same as the Moroccan (at Rs. 350), the Blueberry and Pomegranate was a tad more saccharine though the combination wasn't unpleasant.

We say Blueberry and Pomegranate because we were billed for a B&P and the menu says B&P, but what we got was a pink drink infused and topped off with strawberries. Curious. We double checked the menu after returning back to office, and then gave up because there wasn't a strawberry option.

However... acquiring the aforementioned beverages was a task in itself. It involved numerous instances of waving around and calling out to get the waitstaff's attention to place our order. We also asked for some food alongside it (a couple of waffles and one of their speciality burgers), and the ice-cream on the menu. They didn't have the flavour requested, so we settled for something else. The waiter hesitated, disappeared, and then reappeared again — that flavour was unavailable as well. Forever persistent, we picked something else with a fleeting sense of deja vu. Which wasn't unjustified, because of course it was unavailable. Ah well, 15 minutes later, we resigned ourselves to having just the food and drink and waited for it. One hour.

Now to the food. At Rs. 640, my Chicken Burger was worth its price. Stuffed high with juicy pulled chicken, this teetered between sweet and savoury and was practically dripping around the edges. Cheesy, meaty goodness.

While the burger topped expectations, Dilina's Ham and Cheese Waffle's only redeeming factor was the cheese on it. The ham (chicken) was quite tasteless, and the waffle itself was unremarkable. Slightly rubbery, un-fluffy, and uninspiring; definitely not worth the 690 rupees we dumped for this.

Suprisingly, Kavindu's waffle topped with Grilled Vegetables With Herbs and Olive Oil was a satisfying sight. Best of all, it was great for a vegetarian meal: fresh, crisp vegs, spicy bell peppers, lots of contrasting colours and flavours. Yes, it's expensive at Rs. 660, but what isn't expensive these days?

Now for the service.

Dilmah -Lounge is a study in unapologetic inefficiency. Not only do they manage to mix orders up, they also maintain high standards of consistency when it comes down to forgetting orders and then being completely unabashed by it.

The first time around we just shrugged it off (and they saw our cameras and apologised when they thought we were from the media) but the second time around was just too terrible to not mention here.

The orders took a whole hour to arrive, and were wrong to boot. Most of the food, even thereafter, didn't arrive. Meanwhile, we'd been asking for it the whole while and the waitstaff kept walking out mid-sentence when we were talking to them, or kept saying it's on its way (it wasn't, they had forgotten).
In the end I had to go up to the counter and ask for the bill for whatever eventually made its way to our table, and even this resulted in utter confusion and took a total of about 15 minutes.

Me: Hi, we didn't get our orders and would like to cancel the rest. We've been here for an hour.
Dilmah: Ah. I'll check. You asked for these?
Me: Yes, over an hour ago?
Dilmah: Okay. *fifteen minutes later* Here's the bill.

Curiously, there were literally six people behind the counter mixing and shaking drinks up (and tasting it through customers' straws too before serving) in the midst of completely forgetting about and ignoring a group of customers who were sitting in plain sight and gesticulating wildly in failed attempts to get some attention (and tea).


Go elsewhere.


Check out the digests next to the sofas, they've got an amazing photo-catalogue of community rebuilding in different regions of Sri Lanka.


Shop No. 4, Arcade Independence Square, Colombo 7


The Arcade is before you get to BMICH, after the SLBC building, on your left. Once you walk in, head left for that space with the underground fish-tank - the lounge is in the building right in front of it.



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Open 11.00AM to 11.00PM



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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Sandwiches Tea Iced Tea

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I loved the place and the ambiance was fantastic and chill.
Food was served with great care and fresh ingredients… and the tea selection was impeccable.
I also enjoyed the store where I bought very unique and limited collection Dilmah teas!





I loved the place and the ambiance was fantastic and chill.
Food was served with great care and fresh ingredients… and the tea selection was impeccable.
I also enjoyed the store where I bought very unique and limited collection Dilmah teas!





This place is amazing. Such a lovely place to spend the evening. I loved their interior. And their tea shakes are just wow!

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I've never had a good experience with food here. Something is not quite right. The tea, however, is quite good. I recommend the Rose and French Vanilla, Italian Almond and definitely the Ceylon Souchong. Service and seating is usually not that great either.

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