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Diner's Delight

47 W. A. Silva Mawatha, Colombo 06

Restaurant that focuses on North Indian cuisine and touches upon a few others as well.

Previously known as the Dineinn Family Restaurant, the Diner's Delight is a relatively new place that serves a range of North Indian dishes as well as other dishes like submarines and sandwiches.

Food & Drinks

The Hyderabadi Tandoori Biriyani (Rs. 400) was one of the best we've had. Prepared in a slightly unorthodox method, they had this different flavour to the biriyani. The tandoori chicken that came with it was quite succulent and fleshy, while the raita was the ideal accompaniments to go with it.

The exterior of the chicken was, as expected, slightly tough, but also a bit chewy in this case, while also tasting slightly dry. We wouldn't call it the best tandoori chicken we've had, but combined with the flavour of the biriyani it was quite alright. 

The Chapati (Rs. 90), a bit on the dry side, was amazing with the Butter Chicken Masala (Rs. 450) from which a glorious aroma wafted from, kindling our hunger all at once. The chicken in the curry was juicy and well prepared, and the gravy was quite flavourful and thick as well, which we loved. The Butter Chicken Masala was at the ideal level of spiciness, while the flavour was also slightly milder and sweeter, retaining the buttery taste as well. 

Not many such places do good kottus, but the Kottu at Diner's Delight was truly a delight. Having attained the perfect texture, the Beef Kottu (Rs. 400)  also consisted of the perfect flavour and fresh, fleshy chunks of beef that had been properly prepared.

The mix of fresh vegetables in the fray, slices of capsicum contributing to the spice all mixed in harmony to create the perfect kottu. The kottu had been sliced to almost equal sizes and looked in perfect order as well.

The Mongolian Fried Rice (Rs. 450) tasted like a Nasi goreng, and had plenty of meat, including well-salted prawns that gave the fried rice that edge. Quite a sumptuous portion, they also had a generous helping of chunks of pineapple that made the dish that much better. Pineapple on food actually tastes good, although the internet disagrees.

The Lassi (Rs. 220) was perfectly prepared, a sweetness added to the drink that did not deteriorate the taste of the curd, and the Pineapple juice (Rs. 200) we had too was fresh, properly chilled and consisted of the perfect sweetness. The Lime Soda (Rs. 220) we opted for had the perfect ratio of lime to soda, where the fizziness of the soda does not dilute the taste of the lime.

Service and Ambience

The restaurant had a very neat and tidy setting and could house a number of people while also maintaining a certain degree of privacy. The staff too are quite friendly and accommodating and helpful in every way.


We loved our experience at Diner's Delight, and the value for food is great. All of their dishes were consistent in their taste and were flavourful, and their portions are quite filling as well. Definitely coming back.


47 W. A. Silva Mawatha, Colombo 06