Domino's (Nugegoda)

161 High Level Rd, Nugegoda

It's not cheap or fashionable but Domino's is good for an occasional guilty pizza.

We've long thought ourselves too cool for franchise pizza like Domino's or Pizza Hut. But we're not. Everybody likes a good guilty pizza now and then.

Domino's is smaller than Pizza Hut but it's a bit less fake tasting.

The Food

We tried a pizza of a friends invention - large pepperoni (Rs. 1,515) with extra jalapeño (Rs. 115) and pineapple (Rs. 115). Rs. 1,745 is not cheap for a pizza and it would be cheaper if they just allowed you to add pepperoni to the Hawaiian pizza. But anyways.

The pizza was pretty great. Being Sri Lanka it's not pork pepperoni, but the beef kind is still pretty good. The salt and savory of the pep and cheese is offset nicely by the sour spice of the jalapeno and the sweet of the pineapple. The crust was not fashionably thin nor was it taste-numbingly thick. This is just a normal pizza, no pretensions.

Each pizza came with free garlic bread which coupled with the somewhat plasticky but delectable cheesy dip (Rs. 90) is a nice treat.

The Service

Honestly, Pizza Hut knows more about me than the government - basically every place I've worked or lived for the past 10 years. Domino's database is a bit less good and I had to tell them details, but I assume they'll store it. The pizza arrives in 30 minutes or it's free, so it arrives within 30 minutes, no problems.

The Location

Domino's Nugegoda is before the flyover, opposite the McDonald's, next to Fashion Bug. We can't vouch for the interior cause we didn't go in, but it's close enough that our pizza got here fast.


It's not cheap or fashionable but Domino's is good for an occasional guilty pizza. Their menu is on their Facebook page.


Get extra jalapeno. Garlic bread comes free, at least now.


161 High Level Rd, Nugegoda


Head towards Nugegoda on the High Level Road. At the fly-over take the left fork, it's next to Fashion Bug. Alternately, just call and order.


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