Don's Deli

53, Haig Road (Marine Drive), Colombo 3

Don's Deli is a little bakery on Marine Drive that doubles as a favourite spot for lamprais, and they also serve seafood at Fat Crab upstairs.

Don's Deli aka Don Stanley's is an establishment that's been around for a very long time and they're known for their catering business, mostly through their pavilion restaurant The Fat Crab. We dropped by the deli on Marine Drive and sampled their shorteats. 

Service & Ambience

Don's Deli is a small, comfy, barely furnished space. The deli opens at 8AM but if you plan on having a meal, you can either ask for their famed lamprais, or head upstairs to The Fat Crab which opens at noon. The place is A/Ced with a nice glass view of the passing Marine Drive traffic and the ocean. Service is what it is, in a small mainstream bakery where you get your order over the counter. 

The Food 

Don's Deli serves a cheesecake that has come highly recommended from its start-up days. We tried it, and it's rather expensive at 500 bucks, but it's tasty - soft moussey cheesecake, sweet and slathered in real strawberry sloshed around with jam and sauce. By ordinary bakery standards, the cheesecake is good, despite the hefty price. 

We also tried some other stuff - the brownie, the maalu paan, the eclairs, the mushroom & chicken pie. This stuff is more bakery priced at Rs. 80-125. The brownie is actually not bad (there aren't a load of easy stops that do takeaway brownie), it's very thick and chocolatey, although a little hard from being stored a while. These guys make a good maalu paan, it isn't amazeballs like the toppers of our maalu paan taste-off, but it's quite decent served warm, with plenty of fish and potato.

The eclair as with most bakeries was a hit and miss, the choux pastry was too hard - head further down Marine Drive to Yumi Cake for better eclairs. I loved the chicken and mushroom pie, it costs Rs. 80 and is big and buttery, and stuffed generously with fat chunks of chicken - it's a great choice if you're wandering around looking for good shorteats. They make a good strong iced coffee here too. 

We didn't try the Don's Deli lamprais on this visit but we did for our great lamprais taste-off - and it won a spot at the top of our list. For Rs. 475, this is a pretty satisfying meal, especially if the meat in your lamprais is important to you. Just make sure you get here by about noon because as with all big lamprais contenders, the packets are quick to disappear. 


Don's Deli does decent pastries, sandwiches and desserts, if you're in the neighborhood and want a quick bite. We'd say it's worth more the visit for their lamprais, and maybe some late night crab curry upstairs. 


It's on Marine Drive, three streets south of Majestic City.


53, Haig Road (Marine Drive), Colombo 3


Haig Road off Galle Road is a skip away from Majestic City - head down the road to Marine Drive and you'll find the deli on your left.


Open 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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