Don's Deli

53, Haig Road (Marine Drive), Colombo 3

Don's Deli is a little bakery on Marine Drive that doubles as a favourite spot for lamprais, and they also serve seafood at Fat Crab upstairs.

The original Don's was an institution. The new establishment on Marine Drive, however, seems to be still finding its legs. Don's Deli has a great location and a range of stuff you can order in advance (crab, pasta). What they have on immediate offer, however, is rather limited, for now.

We should note that Don's Deli is very new and very much seeking feedback on what it's doing. They even have a notice and number posted on the wall saying the same. Location wise it's amazing and they do have a range of stuff that should be good once it gets going.

Right now the lamprais is pretty good, if not completely authentic. You can see more about lamprais in our taste-off. Nothing beats the DBU, but the Don's version is unique and pretty good. We mention the lamprais because, lunch-wise it was what was immediately available. We did come a bit late.

Besides that they have short-eats in store, and they're good enough, if a bit buttery. We tried the chicken and mushroom pie (Rs. 90). But that's not the real highlight.

The old Don Stanley's was famous for its cheesecake, and they have revived it here. It's a big hunk of Philadelphia cheesecake with either strawberry or passion-fruit topping. We got it to go and the thing ended up upside down, losing almost all of the topping. How is the famous cheesecake? Honestly, it's just OK. Nothing mind-blowing, and rather expensive at Rs. 550.

Please consider this a preview of Don's Deli. It's got a great location, a history and the promise to be something really good. Perhaps the best thing you could do now is to visit, try some stuff out and give them feedback. The number is on the wall.


It's on Marine Drive, three streets south of Majestic City.


53, Haig Road (Marine Drive), Colombo 3


Haig Road off Galle Road is a skip away from Majestic City - head down the road to Marine Drive and you'll find the deli on your left.


Open 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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