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A homebaker that does a whole variety of doughnuts.

If done right, doughnuts are one of those things that can absolutely blow you away to the sweet heaven. Fluffy, soft and harmonised with the perfect amount of sweetness, it is impossible that one would hate them.

Donuthing is a home baker that exclusively sticks to exactly this species of beauties. We found them on Instagram and a couple days later, here we are - 9 doughnuts on a Monday morning. 

The Pastry 

In terms of referring just to the pastry, we felt like it could use a bit more work in making them a tad more fluffy instead of doughy. But with the right toppings, you're in for a treat. On the other hand, they actually deep fry it, instead of baking it like a cake. So more plus points!


Like I said, we ordered an assortment of 9 medium sized doughnuts with different toppings. 

Starting with the one on the far left-top, the Coco-mellow (Rs. 110). With a thick layer of rather dense, not-so-sweet chocolate, and a bit doughy, delicately sweetened base, it's ideal for those of you who only low key like marshmallows because you can't really taste it all that much in the long run.

Moving on to the LoveConnection (Rs. 90) which is on the middle of the top layer. Sweet and tasting like white chocolate, this is ideal for those of you romantic V Day type folks who like pink food. While I wasn't particularly blown away by it, Rishani loved it. So, yay!

The last one on the top layer, the CandyFluff (Rs. 95) - which was necessarily just slightly burnt meringue with a bunch of crushed up candied pieces. There was a blob of meringue on top, and as for the taste, the doughy flavour of the base was a bit overpowering. 

The Nuttity (Rs. 90) (bottom Left) was topped with a generous amount of Chocolate and a fine sprinkling of nuts. This one practically calls out to that choco-nut loving psychopath you are. Give in to the urge friends, it's not worth holding back!

Finally, we have the doughnut of the hour, the ApricotBomb (Rs.100). As the name suggests, this was the bomb! With a whole load of tangy apricot jam-packed inside the doughnut, this was my favourite by a long shot. Honestly, just go for it. We guarantee that you won't regret it. 

Then came the MiloFantasy (Rs.90). Beautifully coated with a thick layer of chocolate and dusted with milo kudu, it became an instant office favourite. Then again, why wouldn't it? It's a delicacy made with milo and chocolate, on top of a nice doughnut - what's not to like?

Moving on to the one on the far right, the MeringueSundae (Rs. 85), which was quite good. With a pretty good balance between the bitter chocolate to the sweetness of the meringue, we actually enjoyed this one a bit more than the other more expensive options on the list. 

The one right at the bottom is the CinnaTella (Rs. 80). While we did get a rather generous amount of Nutella on it, we would have liked it better if the cinnamon hint was a bit stronger.

The Final one on this list is the MilkyWay (Rs. 95). It was like a prettier, blander cousin of the LoveConnection. It's not all bad, but we suggest you stick to the rest.

How To Order

If you do want to get your hands on these, all you need to do is hit her up on Instagram and refer to exactly what kind of doughnuts you're in need of. You can either get them in large, or medium sizes. If you're a tad unlucky like us, who ordered ours on a day when her tuk driver had gone out of Colombo, you'll probably have to pick them up from the baker's house itself ( it's on Anderson Road in Kohuwala/ Nugegoda).

Carpe Diem! 

In conclusion, our experience had both hits and misses. Nevertheless, the good outweighs the bad on this one and which is why we say go for it!


Get the Apricot one.





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