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Drop It By Project MAD (Make A Difference)

Project MAD - Make a Difference is a non-profit organization that revamps lives of the homeless and the needy with the aim of promoting social welfare.

Tis the month of joy, good will and giving. This Christmas, if you are looking for a place where you can reach out to the underprivileged, we recommend connecting the outreach project Drop It.

Drop It is a project by MAD which stands for Make A Difference. If making a difference is your goal this Christmas season, Drop It is collecting used and unused books as well as toys. The books will be sold to raise funds for future project of Project MAD and the toys if usable will go to little underprivileged kiddies.

If you haven't done your spring cleaning yet, this is the time to clean up, box and parcel your used toys and second hand books and deliver them to this project. Donate old and unused books to help raise funds for the poor and the needy. Ensure your donations are in good condition.  

Make A Difference started in 2014 with just a group of young people who wanted to make a difference in the communities they lived in. With huge hearts and empty pockets, with a whole bunch of volunteers rallying around to make a difference, they stepped out in faith to make a difference - and they have.

From little orphaned children, to differently abled kiddies, to the elderly holed up in gloomy homes, they've visited to share good cheer and good will, hope and laughter, their time and effort from disaster relief to wherever there is a need and to start off the next year's projects, they are raising funds through the Drop It reach.

Visit the Good Market at the Race Course and rally around to offer your support, love and encouragement. Bring your boxes of books and toys. Go say hello and lend a hand to Make A Difference.

For more information contact 763 543 411

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