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Dumpling House

Delivery only

A home cook with excellent Thai/ Chinese fare.

Dumpling House is a home cook who dishes out some excellent Thai/ Chinese fare. They're quite wallet-friendly too.

How To Order

Dumpling House accepts orders through WhatsApp. Simply message them on +94 716792445, 24 hours in advance. The menu is already saved on their Instagram story highlights.

They do delivery to anywhere in Colombo, as long as you don't mind the PickMe Flash fee. Ours was Rs. 390 (to Maharagama).

The Food

The menu at Dumpling House is small but has some classic Thai/ Chinese delicacies, such as dumplings, spring rolls and fried rice. We also noticed that they've recently introduced Pad Thai Noodles to the menu. 

Giving off a satisfactory crunch, the Chicken Spring Rolls (Rs. 550 for 6) had a tasty filling of chicken, carrots and cabbage. The roll itself was light, not at all oily, and flaked off to crispy chunks so beautifully. Accompanied with a nice sweet chilli sauce, it's a great way to kickstart your taste buds before the mains. These are available in packs of 12 too. 
You have the option of choosing Chilli Garlic sauce or Thai Spicy Chilli sauce to go with this Chicken & Prawn Dumplings (Rs. 850). We opted for the latter. 

This portion includes 12, very neatly prepared dumplings. Featuring an absolutely tender, silky smooth texture, these dumplings just slide down the throat so effortlessly.

The filling incorporates a fat chunk of prawn in each of them, some minced chicken too, a hint of garlic, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. When paired with the zesty, spicy, Thai Chilli sauce, it's a match made in heaven. 

The Thai Prawn Fried Rice (Rs. 650) was quite simple. Just some fluffy rice, tossed in with plenty of de-shelled prawns, carrots and greens. The seasoning is minimal, but all thanks to the small tub of Thai spicy chilli sauce that it comes with, everything is sorted. 


Dumpling House does dumplings and spring rolls right. We don't mind a bit more flavour in the fried rice, but altogether, it was one great meal. We highly recommend. 

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