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Dumplings.lk is run by a Ukrainian home baker. We decided to try their Ukrainian-style Chicken Dumplings.

The person behind Dumplings.lk is a home baker who specialises in Ukrainian/Eastern European pierogi. They're great value, as they offer Potato, Chicken and Fish Dumplings at Rs.700 - Rs. 1,200 per kilogram. I decided to check them out and see what Ukrainian dumplings are all about.

The Dumplings

We really wanted the potato dumplings, but they weren't available so we got the chicken dumplings instead. The dumplings are handmade the day before your order and are then frozen until dispatched so they don't exactly arrive in the traditional readymade style. There's some DIY involved, but it's pretty simple. 
What I liked the most is that they'd very graciously provided an instruction leaflet. The leaflet tells you how long to boil it for, serving suggestions etc. I boiled the dumplings for 15 minutes since I'm pretty paranoid, and they turned out fine.

Before boiling, I suggest you add a little oil the way you would to pasta, to keep them from sticking together. Once boiled, you drain and add a little butter (this is important) and serve with either a dipping sauce of your choice or with a sprinkling of pepper, bacon bits etc.

The dumplings are shaped like tortellinis, with a thicker shell but plenty of filling. The chicken filling was delicious, it made my mouth water and I pretty much nearly polished an entire kilo of these dumplings on my own. 
There's enough for about 5 people to share. I recommend you serve with some soy sauce on the side.


I was told that I would have them delivered at 8:30 AM and lo and behold, the delivery guy was here at 8:30 AM on the dot. The service was overall very friendly and prompt. Our Facebook message was responded to within minutes by chef Ana, and our order taken with a lot of enthusiasm. Keep in mind that this is a small home business, so large orders or variety will have to be placed well in advance. 


The dumplings taste awesome and surprisingly won't burn a hole through your wallet. Great for sharing (and if you want to pretend like you're cooking). 


Make sure you follow their instructions carefully. Add butter to the dumplings once they've been drained.


Call 2 days ahead and place your order, they deliver!


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