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Dutch Gallery

33, Church Street, Galle Fort.

The Dutch Gallery is an antique store cum jewelry store.

The Dutch Gallery is an interesting place down Church Street in Galle which deals with antiques — be it large, clunky keys from doors and almirahs of Sri Lanka's bygone eras, or brasswear which you'd find tucked in your grandmother's closet.

In addition to candlebras, old keys, and tiny little chests made of bronze or brass, you also get jewellery and gems, pretty much like you get at almost every store in the Fort.

The Goods

You're greeted by this low-slung table piled with a bunch of stuff as soon as you enter, with a few pots and chests, lamps, and knick-knacks lying around, and on which there's a gramophone right in the middle demanding your attention. Arranged around this little table are tall shelves also piled with stuff, and then some glass cupboards a bit further in in which there's a decent display of vintage jewellry and old coins back from when we were Ceylon.

Like so.

I didn't ask how much the coins and accessories were for, but most of the other items had prices tagged onto it. Prices varied depending on the item even if they were almost the same thing (like, one key would be Rs. 2,500, but the other which looked almost identical would be Rs. 7,000).

They also had this really heavy and intricately carved brass conch shell, priced at Rs. 35,000.


So basically, if you want to check out some vintage jewellery or neat but quirky metallic antiques, this place would interest you. You can also mix-and-match and get yourself some nice candelabras or ornaments. If you're an outdoor person or an animal lover, they also have little statues of wolves and eagles and other miscellaneous objects of interest.


33, Church Street, Galle Fort.


If you're walking down Church Street towards the ramparts, it's onto your left a little way past Commercial Bank.



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