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Eat Italy (RIP)

273, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia.

  • This place has closed down

Eat Italy is a new Italian restaurant in Mount Lavinia. Run by a friendly Italian family, they offer contemporary Italian cuisine and tasty italian pastries at affordable prices and filling portions.

The oddly named Eat Italy is a new Italian restaurant in Mount Lavinia. Run by a friendly Italian family, they offer contemporary Italian cuisine and tasty pastries at affordable prices and with filling portions. This isn't like the fancy Italian you'd find around Colombo, but we enjoyed the food and felt we definitely got our money's worth.

Ambience & Service

Eat Italy actually came up no time at all. Had you been to its location around 6 months ago, you would have found yourself at a gaming cafe. Since then, they've completely redone the place into what they call a tratorria, which roughly means an Italian restaurant serving simple food, and that's exactly what Eat Italy is. It's a pretty small space, but they can seat around twenty without the place becoming too stuffy. The interior decor is a weird mix of simple black and white in the dining area, and bright quirky colours near the counter area.

The service was homely and welcoming, handled almost entirely by the Italian lady who runs the place. Since she does the cooking as well, the food does take a bit of time to be prepared, but our dishes were still ready in around fifteen minutes which is more than acceptable. Communication is a bit of an issue since English isn't her first language and Italian wasn't ours, but we still managed. She's really nice, so if nothing it was an entertaining conversation.

The Food and Drinks

The menu at Eat Italy is relatively small compared to Colombo's Italian contemporaries. It's a simple two page menu with classic Italian pasta dishes, pizzas and a few unique items like the aranano (more on that in a bit). The prices are also reasonable with prices ranging from Rs. 200 - Rs. 2000, all of it in more than adequate portions. They don't have a dedicated beverage menu, but they do offer a few coffee based drinks.

Their espresso (Rs. 200) was surpisingly good with the golden brown crema on top beautifully offsetting the coffee, which was bitter but not overpoweringly so. Unlike some other cafes this was not watery at all so you're getting a nice hit of coffee, perfect for those looking to jump start their system on a lazy day.

They also serve up granitas (Rs. 200) which could be accurately called a thick slushy. On the day we went they had the crema caffe granita which is actually one of the best cold coffee beverages that I've had in the recent past. It's incredibly refreshing with that perfect semi solid consistency that kind of confuses you into wondering whether it should be eaten with a spoon or drunk. Ice is one of the main elements of a granita but all we tasted here was the coffee flavour which is exactly how it should be. So good we ordered a second round for funsies.

Eat Italy is also one of the only Italian eateries we've been to that serves up Arancini (Rs. 200). At first glance it just looks like big cutlet, but once you cut it open you see that it's got a lot more going for it. This is basically a rice cutlet with green peas, chicken, tomato and mozzarella in the center. What we loved was all the dimensions of flavour this cutlet brings out in each bite. There's savouryness from the chicken, creamyness from the mozzarella and rice, sweetness from the tomato and texture from the crispy batter and peas. If you're around Mt. Lavinia looking for something quick and interesting for breakfast, this is definitely worth trying.

Our first main was the carbonara (Rs. 600) which mostly sticks to the classic preparation. Again, for Rs. 600 you're getting a generous portion which in our case was even a bit too much for one person. The spagetti was cooked al dente so it had just a bit of texture which worked well with the creamy sauce and cheese. Since they stick to classic Italian recipes most of the dishes are mild in terms of heat but you can ask for some chilli if necessary. The balance of seasoning was also fine, with the chopped mint leaves adding a bit of freshness. This one comes with chicken as opposed to bacon or pancetta, which were told they are unable to offer due to the rent contract. That being said though, the chicken actually worked quite well so we didn't find ourselves dwelling on the lack of pork.

The fritura (Rs. 1500) is there take on a seafood platter, albeit with everything fried. This is one of their most expensive dishes but this was easy shared among three in our case. The platter comes with fish, prawns, cuttlefish, cheese balls, fries, peppers and even sprats, all of it batter fried. We were glad to find that the stuff wasn't too salty, which can be the case with smaller fish like sprats. The batter was also thin which meant it didn't take away from the flavour of the seafood, but it still added that crunchiness that we were looking for. This may not be for everyone, however, and even among seafood lovers some may not be huge fans of sprats so best keep that in mind.

For dessert we had the chocolate and cream bigne (Rs. 200 each). In both cases, the choux pastry was light, airy and thankfully not soggy. The chocolate filling was similar to what we find in eclairs, if a bit on the creamier side. Our favourite of the two was the cream bigne which had a decadent vanilla cream filling which perfectly with that choux pastry. Slightly pricey at Rs. 200 (at least compared to the rest of their stuff) but still a great way to end the meal.


If you want to experience a homely Italian dining experience, Eat Italy makes for a great choice. Some of their flavours may not seem intense enough for Sri Lankans, but if you ask, they'll be more than happy to spice things up for you.


They switch up their granita flavour every few days.


273, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia.


Eat Italy is at the former location of Venus Cybersoft, just past the hotel road turn off on the land side of Galle Road.

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This place has closed down



Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Pasta Pizza

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