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EAT (OZO Colombo)

36-38, Clifford Place, Colombo 04

Aside from their buffet, OZO actually has a pretty good a-la carte menu with an interesting range of dishes from burgers to steak.

With a view to a kill and a rather well thought out a la carte menu to boot, 'EAT' at the OZO hotel has managed to hold up their standards and serve up some really satisfying food. 


I ordered off the set menu  (Rs. 1496 per person) which consists of either a soup, or salads for starters. A choice between a chicken dish, pasta, a fried rice dish or batter fried fish and chips for mains. Lastly a choice of either cheesecake or a fresh fruit platter for dessert.

For my starter, I went with the Carrot and Orange Soup which was basically the perfect combination of those two ingredients in a dish. I was a bit sceptical as I thought it'd taste like juice for some reason, but hey they pulled it off pretty well. It tasted sweet and savoury, with a hint of cheese and was served in a large bowl, more than enough for two people to share. It was an all around hearty bowl of soup.

For my main, I ordered the Chicken Thigh with Lyonnaise Potatoes and Ratatouille which was served with a fried egg. The lyonnaise potatoes were excellent, the onions were caramellised just right so they didn't taste charred and the potatoes were sliced thin enough but still had enough texture. The ratatouille was slightly disappointing because the sauce that it was served with came across too strong and drowned out the rest of the vegetables. It was a pity, because the vegetables were actually fresh as opposed to mushy vegetables that you get in certain restaurants. The egg was alright, you can't really go wrong with a fried egg so can't complain there.
The chicken was what confused me most. For one, it was cooked well and had a nice crispy top coat. But on the other hand it didn't really taste like..chicken. It tasted bland and the sauce that accompanied it went well with it but did little to bring out any hint of chicken flavour.

For desert, I got the cheesecake. It was a simple, honest cheesecake (with a lightly burnt base) served with whipped cream, strawberries and a small helping of strawberry jam on the side most likely for decoration purposes. It was alright, nothing to sob with happiness about, and pretty enjoyable if you didn't want cheesecake, but didn't want to order the fresh fruit platter.

Dili got the Club Sandwich off the a la carte menu and it didn't disappoint. I'd really like to point out that the french fries were big, fat, chunky and yet light and crispy. Fried to the perfect golden brown, you could easily indulge in these without worrying about anything else because they certainly reach premium standards as opposed to regular, soggy fries.
The sandwich was brilliant. The chicken was soft, the bacon was nice and crispy and Dili said he loved it a lot. One thing I'd have to point out though is that even though it is essentially a club sandwich, it would've tasted phenomenally better if they'd served it with some other type of bread (panini, for example) instead of the same old, white bread. 


We got the Berry Smoothie which was a mixture of fresh berries, yoghurt and honey. Honestly though this has to be the best smoothie I've had in a while as it was every bit as fresh as promised. We were advised to keep stirring as the icecubes had some sort of sweetener in them; something I really liked, as this meant that they don't drown their drinks in sugar. 

Service & Ambience

With a view like the one at OZO I can only imagine how absolutely beautiful the restaurant would be when washed in yellow light from the sunset during the evenings. We went in at lunch and the view of the ocean and Galle Road, not to mention the passing tuks and trains really enhanced my entire experience here.

The service was excellent. Our waiter was more than happy to suggest items from the menu, knew his way around the menu pretty well and was an overall friendly and efficient presence. 


The restaurant is a perfect setting for date night or lunch with friends. It doesn't exactly do a number on your wallet either as the whole meal cost us a total of Rs. 2,979.
My advice is to go in during the evenings, or enjoy the buffet for dinner.


Try the club sandwich.


36-38, Clifford Place, Colombo 04


You'll find Clifford Place next to Chariot on Galle Road - turn into it and you'll find OZO at the very end on your right on Marine Drive.


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