Eat Travel Repeat

Marine Drive Entrance, Lily Ave, Colombo

A food truck that does good kottu down Marine Drive.

Food truck scene is gaining traction in Sri Lanka, and owing to this we had the sweet pleasure of gobbling up some good foods. Naturally, when the Eat Travel Repeat decided to park down the Marine Drive, we were more than happy to pop in.


They mainly do kottu in four variants - chicken, sausage, egg, veg and also fried rice. You can either go with the normal kind or opt for the cheesy or creamy version.The Chicken Creamy Kottu we chose clocked in at Rs.450. The roti was pre-chopped and brought in, but seasoned and wok-fried at the venue. The flavours were quite easy on the palate, with a generous amount of roast chicken pieces to go around. Smothered with the creaminess of cheese and curd would make you continuously stuff your face with it.

The chef would happily adjust the spiciness of the kottu according to your preference. As for me, the overall spiciness was a bit on the mellow side and from what we gathered, they keep it so unless requested otherwise.

The Sausage Cheesy Kottu was priced at Rs. 470. Sporting the same roti with more or less of the same seasoning and the spiciness, it had plenty of sausage pieces mixed in it. With a bit of unexpected tanginess from the curd which did not overpower the cheese flavour, every bite was so rich, making for a delightful treat. Overall, the spiciness was kept on the low side, so it's better if you request to bump it up as needed.

The Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 300) was a packet of well-seasoned rice - aromatic and flavourful. It had a sizeable chicken piece, nicely roasted and a bit of smokiness to it, which carried enough flavour to compliment the rice. Every flavour element here was well-balanced and not being overly oily was a huge plus.

Ambience & Service

Their usual place is by the Marine Drive - albeit away from the main stretch, to avoid the multitude of other food trucks that have parked up in the area. But, it's a food truck, so it's always a good idea to call up and ask for the exact location.The chef/ owner is very polite, seemed excited to take the order and tailor to our flavours while being considerate. He said that most of the customers prefer takeaway, due to the lack of seating space and explained why he tends to keep the spiciness on the low side since he is being cautious about meals being overly spicy. People are eagerly lining up to get their hands on their delicious kottu, so get there early, and heck even if you had to wait for a bit, it’ll be worth it.


Eat Travel Repeat does a solid kottu dinner. We enjoyed what we ate, didn’t mind travelling all the way to Marine Drive after a long day at work, and we’ll be sure to come back again to repeat it.


Marine Drive Entrance, Lily Ave, Colombo



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Kottu Fried Rice

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