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Eleven H

61/1, Lorensz Road, Colombo 04

A ladies' clothing store selling work wear and casual wear.

Eleven H is the newest locally-born fast fashion outlet for womens' wear. 

The Clothes

They opened early this month and currently play host to only work wear although their casual wear collection should be up for sale by December. All clothes are produced in-house, so it's locally designed and manufactured. In terms of range, their collection is basically variations and different colours of the same style/cut. Given that it's currently limited to work wear, the pieces weren't too flattering and amounted to basic solid colured tops, bottoms and dresses.

Qualitywise, Eleven H is moderate - the fabric was standard and seemed durable.

Prices and Sizes

They are not exorbitantly high priced, but nor are they super cheap. You're looking at over Rs. 1,500 a piece.

From what we experienced, their sizes are mostly all small and extra small, with only very few large and extra large sizes. 


Eleven H provides a comfortable shopping experience with about 4 changing rooms, continuous music and friendly, enthusiastic staff, but their collection didn't wow us. We are going to blame that on their niche collection of workwear.

However, this new store looks promising and we look forward to seeing a vibrant and vivacious casual collection which would probably be updated on their Facebook page quite soon. 


CORRECTION : Eleven H informed us that they do, in fact, carry sizes 6-16 (XXL), but they aren't always in stock as they sell out quickly.


61/1, Lorensz Road, Colombo 04


It's on R.A. De Mel Mawatha although their Facebook page states Lorensz Road. It's right opposite Hindu College and is on the 1st floor.


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