Elite Indian Restaurant

124 Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 4

Elite Indian Restaurant offers a wide range of savory veg and non-veg Indian dishes as well as an array of sweets.

Elite is an Indian restaurant offering savory veg and non-veg Indian dishes, as well as Indian sweets. It's been around for a while and some would consider it an establishment. We dropped in for lunch and were quite disappointed with the fare. 


From rice to naan to noodles, Elite has quite a lot to offer on their extensive menu. We started off with a Chicken 65 (Rs 360). Deliciously red and crisp, we got 8 pieces that weren't too dry but weren't too flavourful either. 

We went the naan route, trying out the Paneer Naan (Rs 100), Butter Naan (Rs 80), Garlic Naan (Rs 90) and the Kheema Naan (Rs 240). The butter naan and garlic naan were the usual fare, nothing to remark on there. The paneer naan was quite disappointing. There was just a smattering of paneer that didn't lend much to the texture or taste of the naan. The kheema naan was pretty good, though, with lots of meat and onion wrapped up inside soft naan. It's pretty oily, especially when you get to the bottom end, but it's also quite delicious. 

The Elite Special Mutton (Rs 550) was a travesty. I don't understand why they would put their name on this dish, let alone call it special, when there is hardly any meat in it. All we got was jagged bones with a bit of fat on them. What was described as a kheema gravy was actually just an eggy curry. Do not order this, ever. 

Drinks & Despair

To wash down our sadness, we ordered a Strawberry Lassi (Rs 180) and a Sweet Lassi (Rs 140). The strawberry lassi was disappointing. It tasted like the synthetic Kotmale strawberry milk, lacking the tartness you expect from a lassi, which was disappointing since it would work with the natural taste of strawberry. The sweet lassi was legit, though, with a definite taste of curd, with reassuring sour notes, not too sweet and not too thick.

The ultimate disappointment, though, was the Baked Alaska (Rs 350). Yes, we know, it's not an Indian dessert, but it was on the menu so we tried it anyway. First off, the cake is so dry. The ice cream tastes super cheap and synthetic. The presentation is godawful. It just doesn't make for a good finish to what was already an underwhelming meal.

Ambiance & Service

The place itself is pretty gaudy. They've got blue lighting off the ceiling, for some odd reason, and the furnishing is quite tacky. Service-wise, the waiters kind of waft about and aren't very attentive. The food can sometimes take forever too.


Elite gets a lot of business, particularly takeaway orders, and it's definitely got a clear customer base. We wouldn't count ourselves among them, though, because the fare is pretty mediocre. At their price point, though, you won't get Indian food that's much better. If you're willing to dish out a little more, you'd get a better bang for your buck at Maharaja Palace. Or try Chana's.



If you're in a hurry, either call ahead with your order or give the shawarma (and most other dishes, apart from the biryani) a miss.


124 Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 4


Open 11am to 11pm daily


North Indian Sri Lankan Chinese

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Biriyani Fried Rice

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