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Ella Coffee Avenue


One of the most affordable places in Ella to get your caffeine fix in Ella.

Ella Coffee Avenue is one of the most affordable coffee stops in the touristy city of Ella. Aside from good coffee, they do some delicious food too, which you should be able to grab under Rs. 600.

Food & Drinks

The collection of food at Ella Coffee Avenue is simple and lies along the lines of sandwiches, burgers, wraps and rice & curry etc. They also do breakfast, and in terms of drinks, they've got coffee (hot and cold) as well as juices and smoothies. 

My Bacon & Pol Sambol Cheese (Rs. 590) was a tall stack of cheese, egg, bacon, veggies and pol sambol, neatly tucked in between a few slices of well-toasted bread.

The assortment of veggies; tomato, lettuce and cucumber added a fresh feel to the palate, the salty and smoky bacon was fried to retain its crispy texture, while egg and cheddar combo shape up its flavour for the better.

We couldn't quite detect the tang and spiciness of the pol sambol here because of the other elements at play, but we weren't quite bothered by it. Easing up on the veggie content should surely fix this matter. 

Crispy and salty, the fries on the side were a bit over-fried, but wasn't oily and had a sprinkle of pepper to it.

The Chicken & Cheese Burger (Rs. 550) followed suit. Featuring a bed of veggies at the bottom, a hearty chicken patty in the middle, and a slice of cheddar and a fried egg on top, the filling here was incredible. The chicken patty was juicy, well-spiced up and grounded, and had a tinge of crisp to its outside. Soft, airy and moist, the bun did a good job holding everything together.

We accompanied our food with a couple of drinks - a Cafe Mocha (Rs. 550) and an Espresso Frappe (Rs. 450). 
With just the right amount of chocolate to boot, this Cafe Mocha did hit all the right spots. The milk was steamed to the right temperature to keep its creamy texture in check and had a nice coffee kick emerging through. If you're not a coffee person, this might be your perfect drink to kickstart your day in Ella. 

This is one of the best Espresso Frappes we've had to date. The strong espresso punch was well balanced with the perfectly chilled milk, making for a refreshing treat.  

Ambience & Service

Tucked in between a couple of other restaurants, the space at Ella Coffee Avenue is quite small. Fitting more than 15 people in here at a time would be a tricky task. Nonetheless, it has this very cosy vibe going on, along with some good music plays in the background. 

Our server was helpful, didn't keep us waiting, quick on his feet and managed to bring out our food within around 15 minutes. 


It's one of the best places to get your caffeine fix at, whenever you find yourself in Ella. They're generous in terms of portions too, which gives you absolute value every rupee you pay for it. We highly recommend. 

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