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3-14/C1 Kynsey Rd, Colombo 7

Basically a place to have tea with a sweet Japanese auntie. They also sell well-chosen tea leaves. No food unless she gives you a biscuit.

If you want to have a nice tea in a Japanese auntie's house, this is the spot. Euphorium is a tiny, hidden tea house off the very end of Kynsey Road (the Central Hospital side). There's no food there and a limited menu, but if you're nice she might give you cookies. Their bags of packaged tea are quite good as well.

The Tea

The lady running the place (Hisano) recommended the Tea Soda (Rs. 300), so I tried that. It's quite nice and refreshing. The tea arrives separated into three layers, the bottom is a sort of citrus fruit cordial, to middle is a berry tea and the top is soda. When you mix it up it's quite refreshing and nice. There honestly isn't that much on the menu at this tiny tiny place (different blends of tea basically, hot or iced) but what we had was nice. They have no food, but she did serve us some Japanese cookies.

They also sell packaged tea, which we bought and made at office. It was just Rs. 270 for this packet of Sweet Berries tea, which really tastes like berries.

It's super cheap and we enjoyed it.

Ambience And Location

This is basically someone's house off of Kynsey Road (at the Borella end, near the De Saram Rd junction). 

The only thing that lets you know it's there is this teddy bear in the hallway. Besides that you have to look for the street number.

Once you're in the lady running the place is really sweet and you can read some manga (Japanese comics) and hang out. It does feel a bit like hanging out in someone's house, but why not. Otherwise it's a nice place to get gifts of tea. 

The service is basically chatting with a nice aunty, which is the best service possible, IMHO. We were told that her daughter usually runs the place but she's abroad. Be aware that this isn't a professionally run tea lounge. It's hard to find, has a limited menu and you'll probably be the only person there. It is, however, somehow charming.


Euphorium has a tiny menu but a big heart. They only serve a few varieties of tea here, and some tea sodas, but they're all quite good. We think it's a random but charming place for some light refreshment, and the packaged teas are nice to take home.


The soda tea is nice.


3-14/C1 Kynsey Rd, Colombo 7


This is on a tiny residential lane off of Kynsey Road, near the De Saram Rd. junction. You can either come De Saram near the National Hospital/Central Hospital or go all the way down Kynsey. Once you pass De Saram it's the first unnamed street (should say 3-17). Walk down and look for 3-14. There's a teddy bear inside.


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