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Faaa Products has been around for a couple of years now, appeasing the sweet tooth of many suburban Colombars. A simple dessert, like a cup of watalappan, or caramel pudding is something that anyone would crave for, especially after the lunch break at work, and Faaa Products provides it.
Now they're available on delivery platforms like PickMe Food and Uber Eats, which makes things even easier as there's no requirement for pre-ordering. 

Desserts & Drinks

Aside from these podi desserts, they also do Faluda. There's a whole bunch of stuff that you can grab under Rs. 200, and the portions sizes aren't too shabby either. 

*Pictured above - Caramel Pudding (left), Carrot Halwa (bottom), Chocolate Mousse (right) and Gulab Jamun (top)

We tried four of them - Caramel Pudding, Carrot Halwa, Gulab Jamun and Chocolate Mousse. 

At Rs. 170, you get two portions of caramel pudding, each weighing 80 grams. Sweet, yet with a subtle swirl of bitterness running through, we quite enjoyed the caramel layer here. The pudding itself was not exactly smooth in texture. It felt a little spongy - probably a result of sitting inside the fridge for a while. Positively orange in colour, the Carrot Halwa (Rs. 160) was sweet, but not annoyingly so, and featured bits of carrot strewn about while the hints of cardamom making for the extra flavour. Seriously, this is how carrots should be served, don't you think?
Dipped in a bowl of sugar syrup, this portion of Gulab Jamun (Rs. 240) had six of them. Golden brown in colour, they were absolutely soft, chunky and well, sweet as anticipated. It wasn't bad - more or less like the Gulab Jamun you get from stores. 

We also tried their Chocolate Mousse (Rs. 160 for 55g), which had a good chocolate flavour to taste but was incredibly dense in texture. 

Milky, with hints of rose seeping through, the Faluda (Rs. 120) was quite alright for the said price. It was a bit watery for our liking but nonetheless, refreshing. 


Faaa Products is a good choice for your post-lunch dessert cravings at work if you're too lazy to go out, and not looking at something fancy. 

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