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Fatty Patty

662, Galle Road, Colombo 03

A pretty solid place to get your burger/sub needs sorted.

Fatty Patty, at first sounds like something some elementary school bully would call some other kid in a Jacqueline Wilson book. In reality, it's actually a small resto at an elbow in Galle Road that serves up everything your childhood fantasies could ever hope for. 


Not only is Fatty Patty a restaurant, but it's also a store to get imported goodies like chocolate, carbonated drinks and of course, chips. 

With a whole side dedicated to those snacks and the other dedicated to dining, the bottom half of Fatty Patty is a small air-conditioned room stacked with various paraphernalia that adds magic to itself.   

However, the top half of the store is more or less for just dining. It's quiet, cold and all in all great. Again, the space isn't very large, but, with a mix of correct timing and luck, it's bound to work in your favour.


Given how we were trying to review their restaurant, we decided to stay away from the packeted goods and stick to things on their menu. If you're worried about choosing, don't be. The lady who works there will go through the whole menu before giving you time to choose. So you know exactly what you're getting yourself into.

We opted for a couple of their sandwiches because we didn't want to eat Babath at 4 pm. Thus winding up with a Mexicana (Rs. 750) off their burger list and a Philly Cheese Steak (Rs. 550) off their subs list. 

Served with a small portion of fries, the Mexicana was a lot nicer than what we first expected it to turn out. With a thick, juicy patty of well-grounded beef, jalapenos, salad leaves, tomatoes and caramelised onions, we actually really liked this one. 

The onion and the sauce managed to give a slight sugary note to the whole thing while the patty gave almost overpoweringly strong kicks of pepper at every bite. Plus, combined with the spiciness of the pickled jalapenos and the saucy tomato, this was hands down, one of the nicer burgers we've had in a while.

We're not really sure if it's worth the slightly hefty price tag given how you could get a whole meal of that from McD's and how the bun was a tad on the dry side. But as a burger, it was quite good. 

The sub, on the other hand, was fabulous. Served with ane even smaller portion of fries than the burger, the Philly Cheese Steak was very much a success. The bun was a lot moister than the one that came with the Mexicana and there was an abundance of little cuts of beef hidden underneath all that cheese and sauce. 

Chopped up salad leaves, melted cheese, ketchup, a heap of beef and bits of caramelised onion and such, the sub was worth it friends. If you happen to go to Fatty Patty, we suggest getting this. 


Pictured Above: Ice Cream Soda (left), and Butterbeer (right)

We weren't very happy with the drinks though. Let's start with the Ice Cream Soda. Sickly sweet and brighter than any other drink we've ever encountered, it was better than the Butterbeer next to it. Tasting like one of those sweets you force your parents into buying you when you're a kid because of how bright it was, this was not nice. It wasn't all that bad because of the carbonated kicks that popped up every now and then. 

The Butterbeer essentially tasted like artificial milk that had been doused with sugar and carbonated to give it some sort of kick. 


We have no complaints here. The staff was both helpful and efficient. Kudos Fatty Patty. 


This was a bit of a ride. So, while we recommend Fatty Patty's for good food, we think that they have so much room for improvement in terms of drinks.


Stick to the sandwiches.

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