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Flames Pizzeria

199, 1 High Level Rd, Pannipitiya

A pizzeria down High-level Road.

Flames Pizzeria is probably the cheapest pizzeria in the burbs. Any 12-inch pizza here is priced at just Rs. 1000. Located down High-level Road, Pannipitiya, they make them from a cinnamon wood-fired oven. 

How To Order

Due to the lockdown, Flames Pizzeria is catering only for takeout and delivery orders. You can simply call 0707073030 and they'll sort you out. Our order arrived within about 30 minutes and the delivery fee to our location (Maharagama) was Rs. 150.

Food & Drinks

At the moment, Flames Pizzeria has chicken and veg-based pizzas only, but on a good day, they serve up mutton and beef pepperoni as well. Aside from pizza, they also do burgers, submarines, hot dogs and quesadilla. 

We started off with a side of Garlic Bread (Rs. 400). There was a good crunch in the bread, but a little more garlic would've made it better. Nonetheless, the garlic dip on the side helps. Flames Pizzeria offers the half-n-half option, but only with Margherita. So in this pizza, we have Margherita and Kochchi Chicken.

The Margherita was all right at best. There was a good amount of mozzarella, but we couldn't quite get that signature tang from the sauce. While they promise thin crust pizza, the crust on this one was thicker than anticipated, chewy, and heavy. 
The Kochchi Chicken half was better. It wasn't spicy as we thought, but you certainly can spice it up by making good use of the kochchi sauce. Plentiful with smoky chunks of pulled barbecue chicken on each slice, the BBQ Pizza also had bits of green bell pepper and pineapple. The pineapple taste here is not overwhelming, so even if you despise pineapple on pizza, this should be somewhat bearable. 

Pictured above: Peach Iced Tea (left) and Strawberry Iced Tea (right)

Every drink at Flames Pizzeria is priced at Rs. 200, including these iced teas. The Strawberry Iced Tea and Peach Iced Tea we got were refreshing, but at the same time, too syrupy, and we couldn't detect any tea flavour in them. 


Flames Pizzeria is a good addition to the pizza scene down High-level Road, but they can certainly do a better job with the crust, to make it light and thin as promised. Definitely a place you can count on if you're broke af but still desperate for pizza.  

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