Food City Express (Havelock City)

Havelock City basement

This is located in the basement of the Havelock City premises, it's quite small but it has all the essentials.

We've started doing quick and easy supermarket mini-reviews. They include information on parking, liquor, bakery, pharmacy options, timings, etc.

The Food City Express at Havelock City is mostly only for residents use, but it's open to outsiders as well. 

  • It's located in the parking lot and is very small. They don't have a lot to offer but they have some of the essentials (eggs, salt, butter, sugar, etc)
  • They have an average selection of cheese (Happy Cow, Anchor, etc)
  • They have a very small selection of fruits and vegetables.
  • They have only one check out line but it's never crowded so the checkout speed shouldn't be an issue, 

Hope this helps! Happy shopping!



Havelock City basement


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