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Food Prints By Koluu

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One fine dining experience delivered to your doorstep.

A kitchen by Hemalallindre Ranawake, AKA, Chef Koluu, Food Prints By Koluu is dedicated to crafting up some brilliant fusion-ised treats. We recently ordered a few of them through PickMe Food. They also have a commercial kitchen down Duplication Road which caters to pick up orders. 


Their menu takes inspiration from various cuisines around the world - Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Vietnamese, French and Chinese etc. 

The Quiche Lorraine with Green Salad (Rs. 1250) had the perfect combination of elements - bacon, cheese and egg. Beautifully golden in colour, it had a buttery, flaky pie crust, and a savoury, eggy custard that includes a mix of chopped up bacon and cheese. More cheese could be spotted on the top layer, making every bite even richer. 

The salad was lightly dressed, so you can taste all the fresh flavours of the veggies. 
The lifeline of Sri Lankan cuisine is a mix of spices and coconut milk, and this glorious Sri Lankan-style Spicy Prawn Curry (Rs. 1200) had the best of both. Plumpy, deshelled, sizeable prawns lavished in a rich gravy, it was absolutely delicious and spicy as promised. I would have had my way with it, if I had some fresh kadey paan and pol sambol.
This Ayam Sakan (Rs. 1100) was a winner. Reminiscing the Malaysian flavour palette, the chicken was aromatic, and gorgeously dark brown in colour, all thanks to the good use of spices. There was a subtle spicy kick seeping through, and a little tang too, while the chicken pieces were juicy and soft. 

As for dessert, we got the Ginger Mocha Mousse (Rs. 640). What a delight it was! A luxurious ensemble of ginger, coffee and chocolate, its texture was incredibly creamy, that you can scoop up with a spoon so effortlessly. The handful of cashews on top added to the extra flavour. 


Featuring an array of scrumptious delicacies with an exquisite touch from different culinary fares, Food Prints By Koluu makes sure that you can have a fine dining experience at home. It's a bit expensive, but well worth for the price you pay for it. It's 5/5 from us.

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