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Foodie-Colombo (Home Baker)

60, Melder Place, Nugegoda

Foodie-Colombo a home baker that offers a vast variety of baked goodies, at an affordable price.

Foodie-Colombo has almost everything; every dessert that your heart is craving for right now. They're a busy home baker based in Nugegoda. 

How To Order

For orders, you can reach out to them via their Instagram channel, or by calling 0773842330.

Desserts & Drinks

Foodie-Colombo's offering is massive. From cupcakes, cookies, cakes, cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls, cake jars, tarts and brownies to eclairs, pies, scones, baked puddings, granola, waffles and pancakes, they have EVERYTHING! And that's just the food menu. On the beverages side, they've got both hot and cold ones - coffee, hot chocolate, milkshakes, tea and iced coffee. 

Most of these goodies are available for delivery without having to pre-order, so they tend to run out really fast. So you have to be quick, like us.

They seemed to have put some good effort into this Cinnamon Roll (Rs. 270). The cinnamon swirls were done well, while the bread itself was soft, fluffy, moist and sticky.  

The Triple Chocolate Brownie (Rs. 315) was quite rich. It was chocolaty as promised and had chunks of crunchy chocolate bits embedded in its fudgy texture. There were beautiful cracks on its top surface too. However, a bit softer texture would have made it perfect. 

We loved the dark brown shade on this slice of Burnt Basque Cheesecake (Rs. 550). Carrying a smooth, fluffy texture, it also had a good flavour. The sweetness was spot on, while the burnt layer worked its magic. A little more cheesy tang would have made it perfect.

The Victorian Sandwich Jar (Rs. 500) is many things. It's sweet with a spongy butter cake, fruity with the strawberry compote, and also has an incredibly creamy character, all thanks to the high-quality cream.

Foodie Colombo does two kinds of Tres leches cake - Kahlua Tres leches (Rs. 365) and Irish Bailey Tres leches (Rs. 380). If we had to pick a favourite, we'd go with the Kahlua Tres leches, as it had a better flavour. The Irish Bailey was all right too, with a nice, milk-soaked, spongy, airy cake base, and a lovely cream layer on top, but we didn't quite enjoy the infusion of Irish cream in it. 

The Kahlua, however, improved the flavours of the cake. It lends this bold zing that harmonises well with the chocolaty notes.

Pictured above: Oreo KitKat Milkshake (left) and Iced Mocha Latte (right)

We absolutely loved the drinks we ordered. Both of them delivered well.

The Oreo KitKat Milkshake (Rs. 470) was packed with the promised two elements - Oreos and KitKats, blended in with milk and vanilla ice cream. The Oreos grab your attention first, and then the KitKats step right in with a dose of chocolatiness. We actually found many chunks of KitKats in the drink, as well as a handful of white chocolate chips. 

The Iced Mocha Latte (Rs. 520) had sharp notes of chocolate and coffee kicking through the velvety, cold milk. Such a refreshing drink.


We're impressed by the works of Foodie-Colombo. They offer a vast variety; pretty much everything that you can think of to satiate your sweet tooth, and do a nice job at it. Plus, the prices are quite fair too. 


Twitter handle - @FoodieColombo


60, Melder Place, Nugegoda


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Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500


Home Baker

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